Where to Find Aluminium Scrap Around the Home

By AWD Digital

Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal with a huge number of applications. It is used in everything from construction to transportation to everyday household items. One of the great things about aluminium is how easily it can be recycled: it is able to be recycled endlessly without deteriorating in quality. Here are a few places that you can find aluminium around the home, so that you can earn some cash for scrap metal.

Cans and packaging

A great way to start selling scrap metal is to collect all your soft drink, food and beer cans. If you collect enough, you can get a surprisingly good return on these aluminium cans. Aluminium is also found in aerosol cans, so be sure to hold on to empty deodorant cans and cleaning sprays. Cans and tins aren’t the only source of aluminium packaging; the valuable metal can also be found in foil, takeaway food containers and pie trays.

Car Parts

Aluminium is being increasingly used in car manufacturing, and can be found in car parts such as wheels and cylinders. Once recycled, this mixed alloy aluminium scrap is used to make casting alloys for engines and gearboxes.


Electronics such as computers, gaming consoles and even iPods all contain aluminium. If your electronics no longer work, don’t throw them out, salvage their parts for aluminium and make some cash for scrap.


The kitchen is a great place to look for scrap aluminium as it can be found in a variety of kitchen utensils such as cutlery, baking trays and cookware.

Bike frames

Instead of throwing out your tired old bike, salvage the frame and add it to your pile of scrap metal.

Aluminium can be sourced from a variety of household items and is a great metal to trade in to your local metal recycler. Not only will you be able to get cash for scrap, your recycling will also benefit the environment. Metal Men Recycling accept all kinds of aluminium scrap and can even arrange a 24-hour scrap metal pick up service.

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