What Happens to Your Recycled Metal

By AWD Digital

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycled scrap metal? In this week’s blog, we examine a few of the common uses for commonly recycled scrap metals such as copper, aluminium and steel, so that you can be sure your scrap is being put to good use. Here are six different ways scrap metal is re-purposed.

Industrial use

Scrap metals like iron and steel have many varied industrial uses, from the construction of public infrastructure like roads and bridges to transportation (including in the manufacture of trains, ships, and aircrafts). Cast iron also has uses in construction as a decorative material, and is often used to make things like hardware, balustrades, eaves and plaques.


Furnishings and home fittings like benches, tables, lamps, chairs, light fittings, bed frames and door handles are frequently made from recycled scrap metal. Metal furniture, when made well, is very sturdy and can last for many years.

Artistic use

Considering many artists are concerned with sustainability, it makes sense that they try to use recycled materials wherever possible. Scrap metal is often used in artistic works such as sculptures, decorative metalwork, installations and jewellery, which make their way into private collections to be treasured for many years, or instead are featured around cities as public art.


Many recycled metals are commonly used in residential construction, with copper often being used as a plumbing material, in electrical wiring, roofing sheets and heat exchanges. Steel is also a common construction material, used to make house frames and roofing structures.

Electronics and whitegoods

Metals are also commonly used in the manufacturing of electronics, including in wiring and in the overall structure of large items such as fridges and washing machines. By recycling your old whitegoods and electronics, you are contributing to the sustainable creation of new goods.

Metal recycling plays an important role in sustainability. If you have scrap metal goods you’d like to trade in, contact Metal Men Recycling. We accept all kinds of scrap metal and are committed to sustainable practices.

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