What Happens If We Don’t Recycle? 

By AWD Digital

We all know the importance of recycling. But have you ever contemplated what would happen if we abandoned all of our recycling efforts? Well in this week’s blog, we explore that exact question as look at the consequences our planet would face from not recycling. 

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1) Increase in pollution  

The first consequence from not recycling would be pollution. There are many different kinds of pollution. For example, the Styrofoam which carries water or coffee pollutes the ground by leaking nasty chemicals into the soil. If enough of these chemicals build-up, this can cause cancer. The air also gets polluted each time you drive your car. Plastic particles from water bottles and chemicals pollute our water – that’s why you should always recycle them. 

2) Overflow of landfills 

Landfills are designed to deal with waster. However, if we threw everything away when it could be recycled, the landfill would fill up and would be unable to cope with this large load. It would also create unpleasant smells and end up being toxic from all the harmful chemicals which arise from the Styrofoam, batteries, microwaves, cleaning supplies and other household products. Making little recycling efforts helps substantially in keeping landfill sites under control. 

3) Destruction of natural habitats 

When we don’t recycle, reuse and reduce, we destroy natural habitats. As it is, our earth cannot cope with the current rate of destruction. By failing to reuse what we already have, we’ll end up in a sticky situation of running out of resources.  

Luckily, recycling is easy. There are lots of things you can recycle, such as soft drink cans and scrap metal. At Metal Men Recycling, we provide cash for scrap metal. For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 03 5941 6677.  

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