Victoria’s New Scrap Containers Scheme (Everything You Need To Know)

By Adam Ioannidis

The Victorian Government has announced a new scheme in the hopes of further combatting our state’s garbage crisis. This initiative is a way for people to essentially sell scrap cans and other containers such as bottles – rewarding people for recycling the correct way. Whilst this new scheme has just recently been announced by the Andrews Government – it won’t actually take effect until 2023. Today, our scrap metal experts thought they’d take the time to chat to you about this scheme and similar initiatives around the country.

What do you need to know?

There isn’t much information at the moment surrounding the scheme as it’s still in its very early stages. The main facts are that it will be a Victorian-wide initiative and it will be 10c per can/bottle. There are already some local councils such as Wyndham City Council that have put similar reverse vending machines in place that allow the users to deposit their cans and bottles and receive rewards such as movie tickets and prizes.

What form the Victorian-wide scheme will take is not yet known – but it may be just a simple drop-off point similar to the reverse vending machines. Municipal bodies would become major backers of the project as they have been pressuring for such a scheme for some time now.

Why is this necessary?

Recycling is always a necessary process. It keeps our landfills clear – actively contributing to the wellbeing of the environment as well as saving space in landfills as it’s not where recycling should end up. Recently, however, there’s been more of a push for Victoria to adopt such a scheme since SKM’s collapse.

In 2019, recycling giant SKM (who handled around half of Victoria’s recycling) fell into debt and was eventually wound up. Approximately 40% of the recycling that SKM had at the time was distributed to other businesses – but that still left at least 180,000 tonnes of recyclables that have now ended up in landfills across Victoria.

Because of this crisis, more pressure was put on the Victorian Government to draft up a plan to combat this and the fact that over 30 city councils were forced to dump around 45 tonnes of recyclables in landfills every day due to the SKM collapse.

How does this compare to other state’s schemes?

South Australia was the first Australian State to introduce such a scheme with their Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) being introduced in 1977. Currently, the going rate is 10c per bottle/can and was raised from 5c in 2008. Approximately 600 people are employed in SA thanks to the CDS in bottle recovery roles. So not only does this initiative help the environment and offer an incentive for people to do so – but it also creates jobs.

The Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and the Australia Capital Territory all have similar schemes in place that have been implemented over the last few years. Western Australia is bringing theirs into effect this year, with Tasmania aiming for 2022 and Victoria coming in last in 2023. The three-year delay for Victoria is allegedly due to further consultation with industry and councils to iron out any kinks in the scheme as well as devising the best way to roll out.

What does that mean for Metal Men Recycling?

You’ll still be able to sell scrap cans to metal men recycling for a profit – no matter what type of cans they are. The difference is that we will take a broader range of materials and types of metals. We’re also able to provide these services now – as opposed to in three years. So, if you’ve got scrap metal cans, make your way down to Metal Men Recycling!

Our passionate and knowledgeable team will be able to help you with any queries you may have regarding our recycling process. We buy a wide range of metals – both ferrous and non-ferrous – and can recycle them safely into recycled metal that can be used in several different industries.

We offer weighbridges as well as 24-hour pickup services with various sized bins to suit your load of recycled metal. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle large loads so even businesses can bring their scrap metal to us.

If you’re looking to sell scrap cans or recycle scrap metal, then please give us a call on 03 5941 6677. Alternatively, you may also contact us by filling out the enquiry form found on our website.

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