7 Different Ways To Upcycle In The Office

By Adam Ioannidis

As scrap metal buyers, we want to encourage people to recycle in any way they can. Upcycling is a fantastic way to do this as it provides practical benefits. It’s even better in the office because there are so many different items that have the potential to be transformed and given a new lease on life. This office also encourages team building and camaraderie and is a fantastic way to get some great office supplies and accessories without breaking the bank. So, without further ado, here are seven different upcycling ideas that you can do in the office.

1.    Computer planters

The best thing about making an upcycled planter in the office is that there are so many different items you can use as the base. Anything from an old book that you can cut out, to an actual computer. By removing the sides and the top of the computer’s casing you can place a plastic basin into it and fill it up with soil. 

This is not only a great example of upcycling but also an aesthetically relevant piece as it will stay in line with the feel of your office. The fresh plant will also improve the quality of the air and the overall vibe of the office.

2.     Personalised stationery holders

Whether they’re cans of soft drinks or tuna cans, it won’t be hard to find some of these products to upcycle. The taller cans and jars are just screaming to be used as pen and pencil holders. Their size and build make them highly ideal for this type of application and they can be decorated with many different things including keys from old, unused keyboards. 

Spelling your name with keyboard keys is a unique way to personalise your stationery holder whilst giving it that rustic charm at the same time. They can also be used as planters on a smaller scale.

3.    Wine cork noticeboard

Wine corks are something that you can come by quite easily. If you have an A4 or A3 size picture frame you can line the corks up diagonally in rows and then glue them down. You now have yourself a pretty snazzy noticeboard. If you want to jazz it up a bit further, you can spray paint the frame and the corks opposing colours for a bit of contrast.

DIY Wine Cork Board w/ Nifty!

Posted by Kelsey D. on Thursday, 12 May 2016

4.    DIY Phone holder

Phone holders and chargers can be expensive nowadays, so if you’re looking at a simple stand for your phone, try upcycling some common products like toilet paper rolls. Using some colourful tape, scissors and pins, you can make yourself a nifty little phone holder. Feel free to cut a bit more out of the roll to reveal more of your phone’s screen.

An alternative and easier method would be using a cassette case. If you or your parents have any old cassette cases lying around the house, then they can be flipped and used to hold your phone on your desk. Bonus points if the case has some cool album art.

5.    CD spindle terrariums

If your office hasn’t been cleaned in a fair while, then you might find some old CD spindle holders. Whether you choose to cut off the spindle itself or not, the item can be made into a terrarium. You can also opt to replace the plastic dome cover with a glass one if you have something that fits. These act as great decorative pieces.

6.    Lego helpers

If you or your child have any spare Lego, then they can be utilised surprisingly well in an office environment. Simply glue a flat piece of Lego to the side of your desk or wall and attach some Minifigures to them. Depending on the size of your cable you can either clip it onto their hands – as if they’re holding it for you – or just wrap it around their outstretched arms.

7.    Compost your coffee grounds

This is particularly useful if you have a coffee machine in your office. Any coffee grounds that remain should be put into a separate compost bin. That way, they can be used in gardens at home or even for any planters within the office as coffee grounds are very effective composting – provided they’re mixed with a bit of organic waste – and mulching products.

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