Trade In Your Old Farming Machinery For Cash

By AWD Digital

If you’re an Australian farmer gearing up for harvest season, it may be a good time to think about recycling your old farming machinery. Not only will you be decluttering your farm in preparation for the busy harvest season, you can also earn a significant amount of cash from the scrap metal present in your machinery. To find out how to earn cash for scrap metal on your farm, read on.

Clear your farm of redundant machinery

With new farming technologies constantly being introduced, it’s important to keep your farm’s machinery up to date to ensure maximum productivity. New machinery can significantly reduce your workload, and drastically cut down your energy consumption, which is good for your operational costs and for the environment. Instead of holding on to obsolete machinery in the hope that it will come in handy one day, take a look through your shed for out-of-date machinery that can instead be turned into valuable scrap metal. Obsolete farm machinery that can be used as scrap metal include:

  • Reapers
  • Steam tractors
  • Hog oilers
  • Threshing machines
  • Portable engines, agricultural engines and ploughing engines

By recycling outmoded farm equipment, you can clear space in your shed for newer models and earn some cash for scrap metal.

The older, the better

You may have machinery that’s been sitting on the family farm for generations, collecting dust. Old machinery dating from the 50s, 60s and 70s is usually very heavy, and while this can make it cumbersome and difficult to use, old machinery is a great source of scrap metal. The more your piece of machinery weighs, the more its scrap metal will be worth. Be on the lookout for machinery made from steel or stainless steel, or equipment containing copper or brass parts.

Look for all kinds of scrap

Old machinery may not be the only source of scrap metal on your farm. Scour the area for other sources of metal such as unused sheds, rusted plows, old implements and tools, unused troughs, metal from old repairs, tubular steel, plate steel and even excess chicken wire. All of these can be used as scrap metal, giving you a higher return.

Farms are full of old machinery and equipment just waiting to be recycled as scrap metal. At Metal Men recycling, we will give you cash for scrap metal, and even offer a 24-hour pickup service for your convenience.

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