Selling scrap metal is a great way to make some extra cash. But it definitely pays to learn from the experts when it comes to tips and pitfalls to avoid before entering the world of metal recycling. Check out our top 7 do’s and don’ts of scrap metal recycling before you get started.

DO separate your Scrap

It’s a good idea to separate your different scrap metals by putting each type in a different container before heading to a scrap metal yard. That way you can ensure you earn the most money possible for your load. If you bring a mixed load to a scrap metal buyer you may be paid for the value of the least valuable metal in the load or you may be asked to separate the metals first.

iron parts ready for scrap metal pickup

DO keep your scrap in a safe place

If you have a large amount of valuable scrap metal at your home or business, you should make sure you keep it in a safe place or even under lock and key. Machinery and other valuable metal items are often stolen by people who are well aware of the money that can be made from selling scrap.

DO clean your scrap

Cleaning your scrap does not mean washing dirt off a rag. It refers to the process of stripping and removing any other materials and extra attachments from the surface of the metal scrap that you wish to sell such as nuts, bolts, nails, wires and other bits of different metals. There may be other types of metal attachments which can be sold for a higher price if removed and sold separately with other scrap you have of the same kind of metal.

DO collect scrap metal safely

When collect scrap metal or cleaning it make sure you wear appropriate protection such as gloves, boots and protective glasses, especially if you are using tools.

DON’T misidentify your scrap

It’s important to make sure that the scrap metal you think you have is actually that particular metal, otherwise you could be bitterly disappointed when you get a lower price than what you were expecting. There are various tests you can do to correctly identify your scrap metal such as the magnet test and spark test.

DON’T break the law while collecting scrap metal

Make sure you make yourself aware of the relevant state and local council laws and regulations. You might see some form of hard rubbish someone has thrown out or left on their nature strip for collection and think you could sell the metal parts. However, if taking items that are left out for hard rubbish collection is prohibited in your area you could end up facing a hefty fine.

DON’T take your scrap metal to just anybody

Choose a scrap metal buyer who is going to give you not only competitive prices and convenient payment options, but also provide useful services such as scrap metal pickup at a time that suits you. It is wise to select a scrap metal yard with significant experience and a strong reputation of providing honest and efficient service. At Metal Men Recycling, we have over 50 years combined experience in the metal industry and we are dedicated to providing our customers with great service and the right price.