The Best Places to Find Scrap Copper

By AWD Digital

Even those with a rudimentary understanding of metal value know that copper is the holy grail of scrap finds. Although the scrap price of copper far outstrips all of the other metals, it’s one of the hardest to find and in this article, we uncover some of the best places to (legally) source scrap copper.

Old houses

Although PVC pipe is now the standard material used in household plumbing, there are plenty of old houses around the state that still use copper pipes. The best way to go about retrieving copper pipes is to get in contact with local plumbers so that they can let you know the next time they are removing it from an older property.

Thrift stores

Throughout the 20th century, different grades of copper were popularly used in a wide range of household products. If you walk into your local opportunity shop, chances are you’ll be presented with a veritable treasure trove of copper pots, pans, ornaments, utensils and furniture all available at rock bottom prices.

Auto parts

Car starters and alternators are both fantastic sources of scrap copper. Make sure you go to an auto yard that allows you to pick out your own second hand parts and buy them individually.


Copper roofing aspects are a popular way of extending the lifespan of a roof and they are often discarded during remodelling projects. The best way to retrieve copper scrap is to get in contact with roofing contractors and offer to get rid of their scrap.

Household appliances

Almost all small and large household appliances have some copper wire in them and it’s relatively easy to extract. Refrigerators, stoves, and air conditioners in particular are great sources of copper as they require a larger power supply and therefore tend to contain thick insulated copper wire.

Computers and TVs

Television and computer monitors, as well as desktop towers are a fantastic source of insulated copper wires, but you have to take them out yourself as scrap yards don’t commonly accept the whole unit due to the time required to separate out the metals. Taking apart computer towers and monitors is relatively easy, and once you get in there, there’s plenty of insulated copper wire, connectors, and ribbon that you can remove with just a pair of standard paper scissors.

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