The Best Places to Find Scrap Brass

By AWD Digital

One of the higher paying scrap metals, brass can actually be more profitable to hunt down than copper, as it is often used to create heavy fittings, pipes and casings whilst copper typically is used sparingly and therefore often takes a lot of time to collect a sellable amount. In this article, we take a look at a few choice spots to hit up if you want to turn a profit scrapping brass.

Central heating and air conditioning

HVAC projects aare one of the eaisiest places to source brass as old brass furnaces, radiators and water heaters are often an abundant source of this metal. Ideally, you’ll want to develop a relationship with a local HVAC business that regularly replaces old systems. Try offering free rubbish removal from their project sites in exchange for scrap.

Junk shops and flea markets

Brass has long been used as a decorative metal due to it’s warm, rosy tone, durability and relatively low cost. As a result, it’s not all that hard to source old brass fittings, plates, candlesticks, trophies, light fittings, bed frames, door knobs and decorative items in a junk shop or flea market for a pittance. Brass can become quite discoloured over time, so it’s important to really look carefully and be able to recognise the metal in it’s tarnished state.


For most of the 19th and 20th centuries, brass was a key material used in plumbing systems and there are still plenty of old houses around Melbourne with brass pipes and fittings which will eventially need to be replaced. Just like with the HVAC scrap, the best way to get your hands on brass plumbing is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a local plumber in your area.

Shooting ranges

Brass bullet casings are an abundant source of this precious scrap metal, so it’s well worth developing a relationship with your local range manager to see if you can organise shell collection at the end of each day or week.

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