The Benefits of a Professional Factory Clean Up

By Sally O'Brien

Whether you’re moving site or aiming to declutter your factory, there could be a profit opportunity in selling scrap stainless steel in Melbourne. An easy way to recoup money on an older or broken investment, outsourcing your factory clean-up is a streamlined method of organising your site while ensuring that recycled materials don’t needlessly take up space in a landfill.

Simply by conducting a swift factory clean-up of your surplus equipment and metal wastage, your business can benefit economically by selling the gathered materials to a local metal recycler. Besides a cleaner factory without the inconvenience of metal clutter, there are three, clear reasons to hire trained professionals to conduct your factory clean up.

Save money on your company’s investments

Starting an industrial scrap metal clean up also has the potential to earn money for your business. Rather than simply discarding metals into landfills, older technology and machines can be stripped of valuable and recyclable metals like copper and aluminium. This metal can then be sold to scrap metal recyclers, allowing your business to profit from materials that no longer function.

This allows your company to profit from unwanted materials and recoup money from previous technological and material investments. From older electronics and e-waste to broken down vehicles, there are plenty of metal parts that your business can make a return on simply by selling your scrap stainless steel to a Melbourne metal recycler. 

Aids the environment

Extracting virgin metal needlessly uses energy and produces harmful carbon dioxide in the mining, processing, and transportation of materials. Many metals can be recycled again and again using fewer materials and producing less carbon emissions. Not only does this save the use of raw materials, but it also avoids useful metals unnecessarily taking up space as waste in landfills.

By choosing to hire professionals to sort through old or unused materials and technologies in your business, you can benefit the environment (while maximising your factory’s floor space). Professional scrappers can also collect all the materials that may be missed by those without recycling industry experience. This includes the often forgotten items that can be recycled like ink cartridges, kitchen appliances, electronics and lighting waste. A factory clean-up team will strip the materials that can’t be recycled, like plastic handles or casings, and sort them by metal to maximise your business’ profits.

Professional factory clean ups are safer and more efficient

By hiring experts trained in metal handling, you ensure that the space is cleaned quickly and safely for the most time-efficient result. Metal can often have sharp edges that require appropriate safety precautions, reducing the dangers of harmful scrap metal like used batteries. Expert scrap buyers know the importance of safety equipment like protective clothing to avoid cuts, punctures, tetanus risks and any irritation from hazardous chemicals.

Rather than delegating this risky and laborious task to an employee who may not recognise which metals and materials are recyclable or valuable, using a professional metal recycler will ensure all the metals are sorted appropriately to maximise your returns. This allows the trained scrap recyclers to handle metal wastage safely, without impacting your business by taking up your employees’ time. The result is a better organised space for your employees to enjoy without being encumbered by useless metal clutter.

The Metal Men Recycling difference

As expert scrap buyers, our team have the expertise to deal with large amounts of scrap metal cleanly and quickly. Our team can gather all the various metals and surplus parts while ensuring that all recyclable materials are sorted correctly and safely. For larger storage areas filled with broken vehicles or oversized machinery, our team also has excavators, forklifts and trucks to gather your business’ larger, metal scrap. The yard at Metal Men Recycling is over four acres in size allowing our team to have the capacity to handle any job.

If your business has already conducted a business waste audit and collected all materials for recycling, Metal Men Recycling also offer free collection bins for your scrap metal. Our team offer a diverse range of bins and equipment to suit your specific business requirements. We also offer a 24-hour turnaround time and can deliver these bins and pick them up from your business at your convenience.

Looking to sell your scrap metal?

If you’re looking to sell scrap stainless steel in Melbourne, the scrap metal buyers at Metal Men Recycling offer a professional service and the best prices. With over 50 years of metal recycling experience, Metal Men Recycling provides streamlined scrap metal recycling clean-up and collection. We take all the hard work of sorting and transporting out of the process with our 24-hour pick up service to benefit your business and the environment.

Whether you’re looking to sell scrap metal or would just like to learn more about our business to business metal recycling process, give us a call on 03 5941 6677 or fill out our online contact form.

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