3 Great Reasons to Scrap Your Old Car

Have you ever found yourself in ownership of a car which just wasn’t worth repairing or was just too old to keep driving? It can be a challenge to work out what to do with an ageing vehicle which is taking up space in your garage or yard. Let’s consider 3 reasons why turning your old car into scrap metal can turn out to be the best solution.

Selling the car can be more trouble than it’s worth

Old cars can prove difficult to sell, especially if they are not in good condition. You may only be able to sell it for a fraction of what it’s worth if the car is need of repairs, isn’t roadworthy or isn’t a popular make or model. There are some sites on which you can advertise your car for free but often the time it takes you to post the ad, respond to questions from potential buyers and then show the car to interested parties who wish to inspect the car before purchasing can prove to be quite a hassle and a lot of effort for very little gain.

Scrapping your car could prove to be the most profitable option

Selling your car to the scrap yard could actually turn out to be a more profitable option than selling your car privately or trading your car in at a dealership. It can be very disheartening when you are interested in buying a new car and find out how little the dealership is prepared to give you for your old beaten up but much-loved vehicle.

Scrapping your car is often the most convenient option

Some scrap metal buyers offer professional scrap metal pickup. At Metal Men Recycling, we provide a 24 hour pickup service, meaning your car will be removed in no time at all and with no hassle to you. If you trade your car in you will most likely have to transport the car to the dealership. If you sell your car online, you’ll need to take photos of the car and upload them along with the description etc. If you choose to scrap the car with Metal Men Recycling, all you need to do is call us on 03 5941 6677 and we will arrange pickup at a convenient time and can provide you with a quote. We are able to pay you for your car scrap in cash, cheque or EFTPOS.