3 Important Facts About Selling Scrap Metal and Your Business

Did you know that you and your business can sell scrap metal and reap the benefits? Maybe you have a business of your own, or perhaps you work for or manage one. You could be employed by a large company, a mid-size, or a small one, and perhaps are interested in finding out how scrap metal recycling can benefit and work alongside your business. Regardless of the size of the business you own, run, or work for, you have the opportunity to integrate scrap metal recycling into the everyday operation of the workplace.

Sell scrap metal for scrap metal recycling

The Benefits of Selling Scrap Metal

Financial Benefits: The first, and perhaps the most appealing benefit of selling scrap metal is making some extra money. When you take excess scrap metal or any metal that may be lying around your workplace and sell it to Metal Men Recycling, we pay you for it. It’s as simple as that. In fact, our motto here at Metal Men is: If it’s metal, we want it! Take a look at our post on finding scrap metal around your business, and then read on to discover the industries that may have access to different types of scrap metal.

Environmental Benefits: You might be surprised to know that there are environmental benefits that come with selling scrap metal. When you sell scrap metal with Metal Men Recycling, we recycle it – it’s in our name after all! We all know that the act of recycling contributes positively to the environment, as opposed to other options like a landfill. You can learn about all of these environmental benefits by reading our guide about why scrap metal recycling is so important for climate change.

Workplace Benefits: Not only does scrap metal recycling benefit our world and the wider environment, but this practice can also benefit your workplace environment. Your workplace could be cluttered, untidy and potentially unsafe due to excess scrap metal that is lying around. In selling and thus recycling this metal, you can also clean up and help to ensure the safety of your working environment.

Industries that Can Benefit from Selling Scrap Metal

Appliance Industry: The appliance industry is rich in different types of metal. If you work in the appliance manufacturing or refurbishment industry, remember to keep an eye out for scrap metal around the appliances that you work with, and remember that there are ways to scrap old and disused appliances.

Automotive Industry: If you work in the automotive industry, you will find lots of opportunities to collect scrap metal for recycling. Maybe you’re in automotive manufacturing – in that case, you might be coming across defective pieces of machinery, or defective automotive parts that need to be disposed of in some way. How do you do this? Selling steel and aluminium for scrap metal is one easy, cost-effective and sustainable way to do this!

Heating and Air Conditioning Industry: In this industry, skilled workers deal with old heating and air conditioning units that may be disused or in disrepair. What happens to these old units? They can be sold for scrap metal! Heating and air conditioning units generally contain all sorts of metal – from aluminium to copper and steel. 

Construction Industry: If you work in construction, you probably know that there can be an abundance of opportunities for collecting and coming across scrap metal. One example is demolition. When homes and buildings are demolished, there is excess metal in the form of steel, copper and aluminium that needs to be disposed of. Is the answer landfill? No – the sustainable and cost-effective answer is selling the metal to be recycled!

How You Can Sell Scrap Metal

So, you’ve discovered that your business or industry can potentially benefit from selling scrap metal. Where to from here? When it comes to scrap metal, look no further than Metal Men Recycling! We are here to provide you with exceptional customer service and a seamless scrap metal selling experience.

With over 50 years of combined metal industry experience, we are proud to be leading scrap metal buyers in Melbourne, providing an easy way for you to sell scrap metal. Remember to familiarise yourself with the regulations of buying and selling scrap metal, and check out the scrap metal laws in Victoria.

Ready to Sell Scrap Metal?

If you’re a business with excess scrap metal, here at Metal Men Recycling, we will do everything we can to make selling it a smooth and easy process for you. We are able to provide your business with bins for your scrap metal and are able to deliver these bins to and pick them up from your business within a 24-hour time period, depending on your particular business needs.

To discuss scrap metal recycling options for your business, get in contact by calling 03 5941 6677, or filling out our online contact form, and we will happily take care of your enquiry!