Scrap THESE Items For Some Extra Cash

By Ali Godden

Many of the items we use daily within (or even outside) our household actually have a secret material. They contain metal. There comes a time when your favourite kettle or couch you’ve been using since your 20s just needs to go in the bin. However, instead of throwing them out, one thing you can do to help pave the way towards a greener future is to recycle it.

This is where the metal in your appliances and furniture comes in. Items made out of metal are easily recyclable thanks to the material’s natural properties. It can be processed and fabricated again into different forms making it perfect for recycling. There is only one problem, it can be difficult to know which items are best for metal recycling in Melbourne. That’s where this article comes in to shed some light on the matter. 

Household appliances 

Most households generally have a basic set of appliances like a kettle, toaster, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, sink, and dryer. Whatever appliance you are wanting to recycle, most are usually composed more so of metal than anything else. This means that most of these appliances can be recycled easily. Some of the more metal-prominent appliances are refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers – also known as whitegoods.

Copper piping or wiring 

Copper wiring can be found in almost every household item and is of great value when recycled properly. In terms of copper piping – your kitchen, laundry, bathroom or anywhere with plumbing for that matter will contain some form of copper piping since most water pipes are made from the material. A good time to recycle your copper piping is during a renovation – instead of throwing out your old extra pipes, you can recycle them!

Sinks and taps

Sinks are most commonly made from stainless steel, whilst taps are predominantly made of brass. These materials can be recycled if you are thinking of replacing them when redoing your kitchen or bathrooms. To recycle your sink or tap you could drive to a scrap metal yard in Melbourne like Metal Men Recycling. We will take your old steel sink for you (and any other scrap metal items you need to get rid of).

Pots and pans

Pots and pans are great for cooking, but, a little known trait is that they’re very easy to recycle as most of them will be mostly made up of aluminium and cast iron. This can come in handy when it’s time to replace your old utensils with new ones.

Vehicles and tools

Not everyone has a personal vehicle but if you do, then you will know there are many different parts – such as the radiator or battery – that can be recycled. Even tools have parts like lawnmowers or leaf blowers contain motors that can be recycled in addition to other components and types of metal. By scrapping your old and run-down vehicles or tools you can get a bit of money for it from the metal parts.


Products such as televisions or computers are items that not everyone will possess, however, if you do – then you should know that several different parts of them can be scrapped for cash at a trusted recycling plant in Melbourne. All the parts of your electronic device are made out of different materials – most of which are varying types of metal. By scrapping e-waste you have no use for – you can get a bit of money from it to put towards your next electronic device and actively help the environment.


Bicycles – the environmentally friendly way to get around town. Many parts of your bicycle will have a metallic shine and lustre, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s made from metal. By bringing your bike and its spare parts to a scrap yard such as Metal Men recycling we will be able to let you know which parts of your bike are worth scrapping.

Metal Fun Fact

South Africa is home to the deepest gold mine in the world – Mponeng gold mine – with an operating depth of between 3km and 4km below the surface.

Are you looking to sell your scrap metal for some extra cash in Melbourne?

If you’re looking to get some extra cash quickly, then look no further than Metal Men Recycling. Selling your scrap metal is a great way to earn some extra cash as well as make a positive impact on the environment. With an on-site weighbridge and state-of-the-art sorting facilities, metal recycling in Melbourne has never been so easy!

If you’d like to sell your scrap metal for some extra cash, then please contact us via the enquiry form on our website or by calling our experienced team on 03 5941 6677.

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