Scrap Metal Recycling Myths

By AWD Digital

In our previous blog, we looked at some of the most common misconceptions surrounding household recycling and how even participating in programs on this small scale can make a major difference to both the environment and the economy. This week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the myths often applied to scrap metal recycling.

Recycling metal is not economically viable

Whilst there is a cost to metal recycling, it’s nothing compared to the money involved in mining and processing virgin metal. Some of the factors that make recycled metal significantly more cost effective than it’s virgin metal alternative is it’s significantly lower energy consumption, which drops down by 60% in the case of steel recycling.

Recycled scrap metal has limited reuse options

There is an overwhelming number of different products which can be manufactured using partially or entirely recycled materials. Virtually every steel product on the market today contains a percentage of recycled material and this also includes civil engineering structures such as bridges and road infrastructure. Aluminium is another product that is infinitely recyclable and recycled aluminium is in almost every drinking can on the modern market.

There is no demand for scrap metal

As more and more enterprises within the construction and manufacturing industries choose to focus on reducing the environmental impact of their activities, the demand for scrap metal has sky rocketed. Metals like steel which can be melted down without losing any of it’s strength is one of the most in demand types of scrap and it’s estimated that the global scrap metal industry brings in some $80 billion in revenue each year.

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