7 Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Scrap Metal

By Adam Ioannidis

As Melbourne scrap metal buyers, we understand the excitement when that spooky time of the year comes around. Dressing up with your friends or children and going around the neighbourhood trick or treating to get as much candy and chocolate as you can. It can be a pretty fun time – especially if it makes you nostalgic. Last year we spoke about DIY recycled crafts for Halloween.

Well, in today’s blog we’re going to explore some costume ideas that you can make yourself that involve scrap metal. The best part about these costumes is that once you’re done with them you can sell the metal parts to us.

1.    A robot

Dressing up as a robot can be nice and simple or quite intricate depending on how much effort you want to put in. From legends such as Robbie from Forbidden Planet to the overly simplified A.W.E.S.O.M.O-4000 from South Park – robots are a staple of science fiction and pop culture.

Their design also allows for them to have an endless amount of metal parts on them. Try crushing soft drink cans and gluing them to the base you’ve prepared (which can also be a thin sheet of bendable aluminium) to act as lights. Pipes can also be taped to your arms and legs to imitate straightened mechanical limbs.

2.    Daleks

The instantly recognisable Doctor Who villain has been made even more popular in the last decade with the help of the series reboot – making the show more accessible to a wider and younger audience.

Whilst you probably won’t be rolling or hovering around the neighbourhood, you can still cut out a cone-shaped outer frame that you can then decorate with crushed aluminium cans or small metal bowls. Use a pipe plus a wide light to make the eyestalk.

3.    Ace Frehley

The younger folks may not know who he is but the original lead guitarist for famed rock n roll band Kiss is definitely a safe bet for Halloween. There’s always one person who rocks up to a party or your door dressed as a Kiss member so make sure your costume stands out.

We’ve chosen Frehley specifically because the silver shoulder guards of his outfit present the perfect opportunity to implement some recycled metal such as lightweight and malleable aluminium. Bend it into shape, pop it on and you’re ready to rock n roll all night. If you can’t find any bendable aluminium, try using foil as a simpler and affordable option.

4.    The tin man

The perfect costume to match with your friends, the tin man is widely recognised as one of Dorothy’s friends in the Wizard of Oz. This costume will feature a lot of cylindrical items such as thin, bendable aluminium and a metal funnel to wear as a hat. Find some old shoes and spray paint them silver to complete the look. Make sure the costume is flexible enough to skip in!

5.    Ned Kelly

The classic Australian outlaw wore innovative and – for the time – state-of-the-art armour that helped protect him from bullets. Sheets of metal (stick with aluminium so it doesn’t get too heavy) will act as your breast and back plates whilst you can bend some aluminium into shoulder pads and a cylindrical helmet. Just don’t forget to cut out a rectangular space so you can see where you’re going.

6.    Knights

Medieval knights wore metal armour from top to bottom to ensure they were as well protected as they could be. Whilst it may be a bit of a stretch to cover yourself entirely in metal – you can shape aluminium to cover parts of your body and make your own makeshift medieval armour. Fill in the gaps with soft material items and you can pretend you’re a knight of the round table – as they’re often portrayed as wearing predominantly cloth outer garments.

7.    Cybermen

Another classic Doctor Who villain, the cybermen are made completely of metal and have no emotions. Their defining features are the teardrop cutouts under their left eyes and the antennas that extend from one ear to the other – going over their heads. This is easily achievable for a Halloween costume – even if you only concentrate on the helmet part of the outfit. Small metal straws can be taped together to form the antennas and foil can also be used to shape the helmet.

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