Scrap Metal And Air Pollution

By Adam Ioannidis

Air pollution is a serious blight on our environment. It can affect entire cities and seriously damage the quality of breathable air – affecting our overall health. As Pakenham scrap metal buyers, we know that recycling scrap metal holds great environmental benefits. It encourages the use of recycled metal in the industry and simultaneously reduces metal that ends up in landfill (which can pollute the soil) as well as the need to mine for virgin ore to produce more metal. But one of the greatest ways it impacts the environment is that it reduces air pollution drastically. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at how exactly it does this as well as some facts about air pollution itself.

Air quality

The quality of our air is something that we take for granted in Victoria and don’t even give a second thought too. We’re lucky that we have relatively good air in our environment. But in other places around the world – such as China and India – the air is borderline hazardous with thick smog hanging in the air almost daily. The cause of this? Air pollution.

What causes air pollution?

In short – humans do. A lot of activities we take on as a society – whether they be for work or leisure – end up causing air pollution. Petroleum that is burnt in our cars is a great example of everyday air pollution – that being said, though, unleaded is still not as bad as diesel. This is why car brands are moving towards electric cars as it is a lot more environmentally friendly.

Factories that exude billowing piles of smoke and toxic fumes is a big one as well, especially in the coal-burning industry. Coal is burnt to give us electricity. Unfortunately, it also releases a variety of harmful chemicals into our atmospheres such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxides. Mining for coal also releases dust and coal particles – further polluting our air.

How does scrap metal recycling fit into this?

Scrap metal recycling helps prevent air pollution both directly and indirectly in a few different ways. For starters, the energy that is required to recycle scrap metal into a new product is drastically less than what is required to create virgin metal from fresh ore. When recycling steel cans, for example, up to 75% of energy and 40% of water is saved in comparison to creating new steel.

This also reduces CO2 emissions and reduces the amount of metal that ends up in landfill. Scrap metal that ends up in landfill ends up poisoning the soil – leading to other issues and types of pollution. Recycling scrap metal also lessens the demand for virgin ore mining operations. Because of this, air – and other types – of pollution occur less due to the lack of mining. This also means that natural habitats and ecosystems remain untouched. This is an indirect benefit of scrap metal recycling.

Recycling scrap metal also improves air quality – especially around the area of the scrapyard. This is due to smaller amounts of energy being expended during the recycling process. This is a bonus for anyone with respiratory issues as cleaner air means easier and healthier breathing. There is also less machinery and vehicles used in comparison to the mining and creation of fresh metal.

Why can’t scrap metal just be incinerated?

As scrap metal buyers in Pakenham, we’re often asked why we don’t just incinerate scrap metal? Well, because incinerating scrap metal essentially has the same effect as tossing it into a landfill. Incinerators produce harmful chemicals that affect our air quality – in the same way that metal can poison soil by being left in a landfill. Not only is incinerating metal harmful to our environment and air quality – but, it’s also a complete waste as recycling scrap metal holds a myriad of economic and environmental benefits.

Are you looking for scrap metal buyers in Pakenham?

As Pakenham scrap metal buyers, we firmly believe in eco-friendly and responsible recycling methods. That’s why Metal Men Recycling employs environmentally friendly methods and practices when recycling your scrap metal. We buy all types of metal including ferrous and non-ferrous. We’ll also supply you with various sized bins for larger jobs. Our facilities feature weight bridges so you can weigh your load of scrap metal before selling it to us.

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