Safety Tips For Scrap Metal Collecting

By AWD Digital

Collecting scrap can be a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash but there are risks involved that need to be considered. Scrap metal is often rusted, has sharp edges, or is located situated alongside other potentially hazardous materials. In this article, we discuss four simple ways to can safely collect scrap.

Wear appropriate safety equipment

Aged and rusting metal can be a hazardous material in of itself and it’s important to ensure you properly protect yourself with clothing that covers your skin, work boots, googles, and thick gloves. It’s also sensible to check that your tetanus vaccination is up to date (it’s recommended that you have a booster shot every ten years) as puncture wounds from mental are one of the most common causes of this condition and treatment is more complicated than prevention.

Make sure you clean any chemical residue off your skin

Often where there is an abundant source of scrap metal (old motor vehicles, disused factories, rundown sheds etc.), hazardous chemicals are also present. Wearing protective clothing is the first defence against these hazardous chemicals but it’s also important to ensure you thoroughly wash your hands, arms and any other exposed areas of skin with soapy water after collecting the scrap to remove any residue. If you suffer injuries or irritation as a result of coming into contact with chemicals whilst collecting scrap, seek medical help immediately.

Take care of your back

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries amongst scrap metal collectors and they generally occur when the weight of the metal is underestimated or it is improperly lifted. As a general rule, avoid lifting anything that is more than half your weight, have a partner help you lift and distribute the weight for heavier or bulkier pieces of metal, and above all, life with your knees rather than your back. If it’s possible, using a mechanical aid like a dolly can also reduce your chances of injury or strain related to carrying heavy objects over a distance.

Use appropriate equipment when transporting

If you do need to transport your collected scrap somewhere, then it’s crucial that you tie it down properly using a tarp and ratchet or octopus strap.

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