Recycling steel – cash for scrap

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Steel is one of the most common metals found in the home and is incredibly important to the metal recycling industry. Steel is highly sought after because it is 100% recyclable and it contains valuable raw materials. Here’s some vital information about steel recycling for those new to the cash for scrap industry.

End of life for steel

Steel doesn’t really have an end of life, because it can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its integrity. Steel is actually recycled more often than paper or glass combined!


Most steels contain chromium and nickel, which are valuable raw materials also found in iron. This makes recycling steel economically, as well as environmentally, viable. This value is why scrap metal collectors process steel for remelting and reuse.

Reclaimed scrap

There are two types of scrap that we refer to when we talk about steel and metal recycling – old scrap and new scrap. New scrap is found as cut-offs from industrial sites, as steel is pre-cut and then transported to the site for use. Old scrap, also called reclaimed scrap, is the scrap recovered from old appliances and other items such as washing machines, tanks, refrigerators, and old sinks and tapware.

Recycled scrap

Steel is usually made up of around 20% recycled matter, and stainless steel has an average recycled content of 60%. Specialists in scrap separate each type of steel to prepare it for the recycling process. The recycling processor delivers the scrap into an industrial shredder, which breaks it up into small pieces that can then be blended into chrome steels, alloys, and the many types of stainless steel

Steel – are there different types?

There are various types of steel, each with different properties. These types fall into the broad categories of alloy steels, carbon steels, stainless steels and tool steels. Each type of steel serves a different purpose and many can be found within household items, which is handy for those looking to profit from metal recycling.

Where can I find steel in my home?

Steel can be found in many places around the home; in the kitchen steel may be present within your sink, oven, stove top, fridge, kitchen bench or dishwasher. You may also may also find steel in the laundry in the form of a washing machine or dryer, or a laundry trough.

Stainless steel can found in many appliances, such as barbecues, kettles and toasters, and even empty deodorant or aftershave cans. And don’t forget that there is usually a wealth of steel in any work shed.

Whether you’re completely renovating your home, or just want to trade in your old or broken appliances, there is a wealth to be made from exchanging your scrap metal for cash. Metal Men are metal recycling professionals and will happily accept any of your unwanted steel, we’ll even collect it for you with our scrap metal pickup service!

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