Recycling Myths

By AWD Digital

Although environmental consciousness and sustainability is a near constant discussion topic in 2016, there are still plenty of misconceptions surrounding what we can do to reduce the impact our lifestyles have on the environment. Some of the best examples of this confusion are the myths that surround recycling. This week, we take a look at some of the most common misconceptions people have about how to recycle, and the impact that recycling (even on a household scale) can have on both the global environment and the Australian economy.


It doesn’t matter what I put in the recycling bin, it all ends up in landfill

One of the most common excuses that people use for not recycling is that it just ends up in landfill with all the other refuse. This is a total myth, as evidenced by the fact that over two billion aluminium cans are recycled in Australia every year as a result of the efforts of everyday Australians making use of their council recycling bins and other recycling programs.

Anything recyclable can go in the recycling bin

Council collection bins are designed to accept paper, cardboard, and packaging materials, but the list of recyclables doesn’t stop there, and it’s your responsibility as a civically minded person to seed out the right recycling programs if you have other refuse. The reason that council bins accept such a limited range of recycling materials is to minimise contamination from other recyclable products, so putting things like printing cartridges, plastic bags, car batteries and scrap metal in your council recycling bin, you may actually be contaminating other recyclables and putting a burden on local councils that they don’t have the resources to manage.

Rubbish cannot be repurposed

In 2016, there is virtually no manufacturing industry that does not incorporate recycled materials into their product line. Toilet tissue, drink cans, printer cartridges, product packaging, e-wood and steel are just a few examples of manufactured products which contain at least some recycled materials. It is estimated that every year, Australian recycling recovers $912 million dollars worth of commodities.

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