Recycled Vs Mined Metal

By Ali Godden

When global warming and other environmental factors are taken into consideration, citizens of Earth should be doing everything they can to help save our planet. One of the many avenues we can follow to help positively impact the world is metal recycling. Maybe if the people of Earth realise just how beneficial using recycled metal is compared to freshly mined ore, then less metal will end up in landfill and people can take their scrap to scrap yards such as Metal Men Recycling who – as scrap metal buyers – will do everything to make sure your recycling experience is easy, quick and good-natured.

1. Boosts the economy

Recycling metal is a noble and important act that also directly boosts our economy due to all the equipment and manual labour that’s required to keep it running. The metal recycling industry needs people to drop off the scrap, collect and sort it, recycle it, cut it, package it and then ship it. By creating more jobs, more people get paid meaning there is more money being shared around – boosting the economy. A study by the EPA in 2016 found that ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling combined made up approximately 395,000 jobs in the US and $14 billion USD in wages.

2. Resource preservation

Recycling metal is better than mining because it means we can use just as much metal without ever running out of the material itself. Mining metal ore decreases the Earth’s natural resources – but, by recycling the metal instead of mining it, you can help to preserve the Earth’s metal ore resources and lose no quality in the process. Some examples of metals that can be continuously recycled without loss of quality are aluminium and steel.

3. Reduction of emissions

Global warming is defined as:

The gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants

Oxford English Dictionary

Undoing the damage we have inflicted on the atmosphere and our Earth will be difficult but we can start by not causing further damage. A great way to start doing this is by reducing the emissions released into the environment from mining. By seeking out scrap metal buyers and recycling metals instead of mining for them we are reducing the production of emissions, protecting groundwater from being polluted and mitigating the number of craters we create in our Earth.

4. Energy usage

Mining resources such as metal ore is a costly job both financially and energy-wise. By recycling your metal instead, you are reducing both the demand for mining and the energy consumption that accompanies it. The energy used to recycle aluminium scrap is only 5% of what would have been the energy used to mine the fresh ore. Reducing the amount of energy needed to produce metal is both cost-effective and energy-efficient making metal recycling the best of both worlds.

Metal Fun Fact

Did you know pure gold is too soft for a lot of things so most gold is combined with other metals to make it stronger?

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