9 Fun Recycled Crafts To Make With Your Kids This Easter

By AWD Digital

Easter is right around the corner! Unfortunately, as with any national or religious holiday, the festivities often lead to a lot of waste dumping. With Easter in particular, there is no shortage of plastic wrappers, packaging and toys that get thrown away wastefully – not to mention the food! As experienced scrap metal buyers in Melbourne, we are dedicated to promoting a clean and safe natural environment for everyone. That’s why in today’s blog, we are showing you some of our favourite ways you can cut down on waste creatively this Easter with some DIY recycled crafts.  


This craft is super quick and easy to make. All you’ll need is a paper plate, some sheets of paper, scissors glue, a ribbon and a template for an Easter egg. After you cut out the inner portion of the paper plate, you can use the egg template to cut out evenly shaped Easter eggs from the paper. Glue the eggs to the plate and hang your wreath using the ribbon.  


Got loads of broken crayons lying around the house? Don’t throw them out! Using heat-safe silicon moulds, you can create new and improved multicoloured crayons from the scraps. In fact, why not get creative with the Easter theme and put the crayons in Easter egg or bunny-shaped moulds? 


Before you throw out those potatoes that are just starting to go bad, cut them in half and carve some patterns into them. You now have Easter egg-shaped stamps! Use them with colourful paint to decorate cards, wrapping paper or simply to let your imagination run wild.  


Easter time is always a favourite with the kids, especially considering all the delicious lollies and chocolates they get to hoard! This DIY makes the chocolate hoarding easier, neater and cuter. All you’ll need is a jar, some glitter and glue, and a handful of extra decorations to turn the plain jar into an adorable, sparkly bunny or chicken.  


Reuse some old socks (washed, of course!) and turn them into bunnies with this cute DIY. While you can just use this idea to create a cuddly new friend, you could get extra creative and turn your bunny into a reusable microwaveable heatpack – perfect for the chilly autumn weather! Just make sure to only use microwave-safe decorations.  


This is another clever way to reuse any empty jars you have lying around the house. With a quick paint job and a cute face painted on, this jar comes to life as a vase! You don’t just have to use these for Easter, either – these rustic vases make a cute addition to any farmhouse or country-themed setting.  


This is a great way to reuse an old, unwearable flannel or unusable towels. You can cut your finger puppets out of old material into any shape you like, which makes this craft good for any occasion (or simply just for fun!). Cut out your finger puppet into the shape of the Easter bunny or perhaps your kids’ favourite cartoon character and sew the pieces together. Draw or sew on the faces for the finishing touch! 


Transform your small old pots into lively little chickens with this great idea. This is just as good for Easter as it is for the spring season – especially if you plan to plant some flowers to brighten up your garden.  


Boiled eggs are an Easter classic. But before you throw away your eggshells after eating them, stop and save the ones with the shell mostly intact (no more than the top third should be open). Rinse and clean out the empty eggshells. Fill them with soil, and you’ve got a great starting planter for some grass or herb seedlings. Herbs in particular are great because you can use them in the kitchen once they have grown.  

After you notice your herbs have begun to sprout, you can move them to a larger pot. When relocating, move the entire herb seedling (including the eggshell) for an easy and effective transition.  


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