Places to find scrap metal around your home

By AWD Digital

You might not think it, but scrap metal can be found all throughout your home, whether in the kitchen, garden, garage or attic. And with Metal Men Recycling providing cash for scrap and a 24-hour pick up service, knowing where to find it might (quite literally) pay off! Here we look at some places to hunt for scrap metal in your home.

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most obvious places to source scrap metal, simply because it’s almost bursting at the seams with recyclable materials. Most appliances, from fridges to microwaves, contain their fair share of copper, something to consider before sending your outdated technology to the tip. Even silverware – if it’s made of stainless steel – can contribute to your scrap-heap.

Bathroom and laundry room

A slightly less obvious place to search for scrap metal is your bathroom or laundry room, which will be home to a number of bathroom fixtures and pipes. Often made with copper, these can be a great source of scrap metal.

The garage

Is your car on its last legs? Is it not even worth trying to resell? You could try to recoup your losses by taking it apart for scrap metal. Batteries, bolts, the radiator, rims – these are all valuable commodities at Metal Men Recycling! A place where most families hoard forgotten things, the garage might also come with a few surprising sources of scrap metal, such as old bikes, instruments or even old pieces of play equipment (such as that rusty old swing-set).

The attic

Like the garage, the attic is a fantastic source of forgotten-items that can be repackaged for scrap metal. Whether it’s an old lamp, a worn-out appliance or all those metal picture frames inherited from your great aunt, these long-lost bits and pieces could start paying dividends when you use them for scrap metal.

So now you know where to start looking – get hunting! Once you’ve gathered a scrap metal stash, give our professional team at Metal Men Recycling a call; we offer 24-hour pick up services and a great return on all the bits and pieces you no longer have use for.

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