Metal: What Looks Great at Home?

By Adam Ioannidis

As Melbourne-based metal recycling experts, we enjoy seeing the different ways that metal is used in day-to-day life. One of the best recreational uses for metal is for decorative purposes at home. With homes becoming less traditional every day – it’s not uncommon to find a stainless steel sculpture in a backyard or even brass hardware contrasting with wooden details in a kitchen. Today’s article is going to shine some light on several metals and how they’re commonly utilised in a decorative (or even practical) manner at home.


Brass is an incredible metal that shares many visual characteristics with gold – often being considered a more affordable substitute for jewellery. Brass is most commonly known to be used for pipes and musical instruments. Many restaurants and bars nowadays will have exposed brass pipes as part of their décor.

This is something that would work especially well in a home that’s been converted from an industrial warehouse or factory. Brass is also 100% recyclable which means that if you ever feel the need to get rid of it – you can recycle it for some extra cash and know that all of it will go towards a new brass creation.

Stainless teel

If you’re looking to hang some uniquely shaped pieces on your wall, then you might want to consider some stainless-steel creations. These offer sleek and conservative touches to modern homes that are rich in monochromatic tones (think black walls and white tiles for the flooring). Whilst still suitable for other types of homes – minimalist and modern is the perfect match for shaped stainless-steel artwork.

Moving to the yard – steel sculptures and creations can make unlikely conversation pieces. For example, steel rods can be shaped by specialists to give you incredible designs that act as showcase pieces or even practical parts of the garden. Such pieces would make great aides for climbing plants. Having some gorgeous flowers or plants grow around the piece would further improve the aesthetic. Just like brass – stainless steel is completely recyclable so when the time comes, it won’t lose any of its characteristics.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is a tried and true ornamental metal that has been used to create countless decorative and practical pieces over the years – especially for the garden. Some of these pieces include gates, handrails and even outdoor furniture. Many rustic-looking garden chairs and quaint tables are made out of wrought iron. Wrought iron is easily malleable but also strong – which is why it’s such a popular option for outdoor furnishings and hardware.

Whilst steel has taken over from wrought iron in terms of popularity for outdoor hardware and furnishings (due to steel’s increased strength) – the rustic charm of wrought iron still makes it a sought-after material. Additionally, wrought iron (being a ferrous metal) is recyclable.


Aluminium is one of a handful of metals (such as stainless steel) that can be used to create backyard screens. These are pieces that are available in varying sizes that can be used to offer increased privacy in your backyard. Of course, they can also simply offer artistic or decorative value in the yard or even hung up on the wall indoors. Lasers are used to cut out pieces of the metal in order to achieve the chosen design. The end result is a clean and unique piece.

With aluminium, you will typically be receiving a lustrous silver aesthetic – but other metals can also be substituted if you’re after a different finish. Aluminium is a completely recyclable metal and is considered to be extremely sustainable. In fact, during the metal recycling process, 95% fewer greenhouse gasses are produced when compared to mining fresh ore for virgin aluminium production.

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