Metal Men Recycling FAQs

By AWD Digital

Metal Men Recycling are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping businesses and individuals dispose of their unwanted scrap metal. In this article, we run through some of our customers most frequently asked questions about what we do, our capacity to collect and recycle scrap, and how we operate.


Why don’t you offer cash payments anymore?

From May 30th 2018, new legislation prohibits scrap metal traders in Victoria from offering cash for scrap metal. The legislation was designed to ensure that there are transaction records for scrap metal sales, making it more difficult for criminal organisations to use the industry as a source of revenue. We are able to offer fast electronic transfer payments as well as cheque payments.

I have a rusted car sitting in my backyard….can you help?

Yes! We have the facilities necessary to collect old cars of all sizes as well as heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and farm equipment. We also take caravans. Giving us a call is an easy way to declutter your backyard for spring and earn a little bit extra before the festive season.

Do you offer pickup?

Yes! We offer 24 hour pickup services to our clients and will even drop off a free bin in advance for you to put all your scrap in.

What’s the scrap collection process like?

Our scrap metal collection process is extremely straightforward and stress free. You call us up, we arrange a pickup time and drop off a free bin if you require it. A member of the Metal Men team will then drive to you at the appointed time and collect your scrap which will then be sorted and weighed. After this has been done, we’ll pay you either electronically or via cheque- whichever you prefer.

If the metal is rusty, painted or coated can I still trade it in?

Yes! We accept metal in all kinds of different conditions. The condition the metal is in, it’s purity and the amount of processing required to recycle it will determine the price.

What kinds of metal do you accept?

We buy all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum, steel, iron, copper, brass, stainless steel, tin and alloys. We accept metals in a wide range of different conditions and will pay a fair price in according to the amount of processing the metal will require to return it to a recyclable state.

Do you accept any other recyclables?

Yes! In addition to our metal collection services, we offer cash for wheels, PVC, compressors and batteries.

Will I be paid a fair price for my scrap?

As an established scrap metal trader with more than 50 years’ worth of combined industry experience in the industry, the team at Metal Men Recycling guarantees a fair price for all types of scrap metal and other recyclables.

Why waste time with a scrap collection company when I can just throw it away?

Trading in your scrap metal has numerous environmental benefits and is a great way to earn a little extra money, it is also a  simple and painless process when you go through Metal Men Recycling. You will only have to deal with one person and we offer a prompt 24 hour pickup service throughout Melbourne. Aside from this, it is actually illegal to dump rubbish in Victoria so if you have something that is too big to fit in the recycle bin and you can’t get your council to pick it up, trading in your scrap is the only other legal option.

Do you have the capacity to take on large scale scrap collection jobs?

Yes! We have a 4 acre scrap yard and a 90 ton weighbridge with easy drive through access. In addition to this, we have all the necessary heavy duty equipment (mobile bailers, excavators, shears, magnets, grabs etc.) to manage large pieces of scrap.

I have some garbage bags of aluminium cans, will you take them?

Yes! We accept aluminum cans and other household scrap metal items. We also guarantee a fair price for whatever you’ve got. Give us a call today to learn more about your trade-in options.

What’s the highest value metal?

Copper and it’s alloys (brass and bronze) fetches the highest scrap price on the market (the price will vary depending on the condition of the copper and it’s purity). Common sources of copper and brass include electrical wiring (this is the purest type of copper scrap and therefore the most valuable), piping, household fittings (such as doorknobs), bedframes and decorative metalwork.


If you have any questions about the metal recycling services Metal Men offer to Melbourne businesses and individuals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 03 5941 6677.

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