If you have an interest in sustainable living, and also fancy making some extra cash, there are various ways to monetise your green hobbies. In this blog, we look at some of the best environmentally friendly ways to earn extra money.


Refurbish old furniture

There is a huge market for antique and retro furniture, so if you regularly spot old discarded furniture that, with a bit of fixing up, could easily be sold for profit, then why not make a side business out of it? If you have any skills in carpentry or upholstery, then refinishing furniture is a great way to both recycle and make some extra money. Whether you want to restore antique furniture to its original grandeur, or you plan on updating it with a modern twist, you’ll be saving it from landfill and, hopefully, reducing the rate at which new furniture is produced and sold.

Capitalise on your green thumb

If you have a passion for gardening, you may want to set up a stall at your local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are a great place to sell local produce, so whether you grow an abundance of fruit and vegetables in your backyard, or are skilled in cultivating beautiful house plants and flowers, you’ll definitely be able to monetise your horticultural talents. Gardening, of course, entails more than just growing plants, so if you’ve got a talent for making beautiful garden pots, or have a particularly good compost heap at home, you’ll definitely have a product or service worth selling.

Recycle old metal

Metal recycling is a great way to earn extra cash while cutting down on consumption and doing your bit for the environment. It’s pretty easy to find scrap metal around the home; in the kitchen look for things like aluminium soft drink cans, steel soup and been cans, aluminium foil; in the bathroom search for empty aerosols and cosmetic tins; and in the garage look for things like copper wiring, old car parts and discarded metal furnishings or fixtures. If you want to earn a sizeable amount of cash for your scrap, check out verge side collections for large metal appliances like fridges and washing machines.

These sustainable hobbies are a great way to earn extra pocket money while doing your bit for the environment. If you want to trade your scrap metal for cash, Metal Men Recycling should be your first point of call. Metal Men Recycling accept all kinds of scrap metal and even offer a 24-hour pickup service for large items.