How To Help The Planet Right Now 

By AWD Digital

We all know the importance of helping our environment. But what are somethings you can do everyday? From paying attention to your water usage to riding your bike to work, there are lots of little daily things you can do to help our planet. In this week’s blog, we share five things you can do to help save the earth right now.  


1) Be mindful of your water usage 

The first thing you can do to help the planet is to pay attention to how you use water. Purchasing a shower timer is a great way to conserve water. Make sure to also check that your toilet is functioning properly as leaky toilets can waste up to 757 litres of water a day. Also, remember to try to drink tap water instead of bottled water to cut down on unnecessary packaging. Finally, wash your clothes in cold water when convenient. 

2) Cycle to work  

Leaving you car at home and bike riding to work can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You will also improve your health while you’re at it. If you can’t cycle to work, use public transport or get a carpooling system going in your local area. 

3) Recycle  

Recycling products is a fantastic way to help our planet. As land waste is a massive burden on the environment, recycling items helps reduce this visual pollution. When deciding between two products, make sure to pick the one with the least packaging. Always opt for products which use sustainable materials when possible. 

4) Compost  

Composting is another excellent method to decrease waste. So much that ends up in our bins and then, eventually, at our landfill sites could have been composted. Remember that food scraps are perfect for composting and also make a great natural fertiliser. 

5) Recycle scrap metal 

The last thing you can do to help save our planet is to recycle scrap metal. If you’ve got some scrap metal laying around your home that you don’t need, why not make some money by trading your scrap metal for cash? At Metal Men Recycling, we provide cash for scrap metal. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 5941 6677.  

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