It’s very easy for the home garage to become a place of clutter, especially if it’s not where you usually park your car. While the garage seems like the perfect place to store electronics and appliances in need of repairs, handy items like wiring, an onslaught of tools, and old batteries, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get round to fixing/using all these things, which is why it’s a great idea to clear out your garage and trade in any scrap metal for cash. Read on to find out how to sell scrap metal harvested from your garage.

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Old tools

While having a tool kit is always handy, there’s not much point in keeping tools with very specific purposes if you haven’t had to use them in years, or worse still, don’t know what they’re for. Consolidate your tool kit, keeping only things that you have a use for and set aside any doubles, unknowns or tools that are looking a bit worse for wear. These unwanted tools are often a great source of scrap metal, so add them to the pile to be taken to your local scrap metal dealer.

Chicken wire

When cleaning out your garage you’ll have to make some serious decisions about what to throw out and what to keep. Although having things like chicken wire and copper wiring on hand may seem like a good idea, these unnecessary items are probably just taking up space and would be better off being recycled. Plus, by selling them as scrap metal you’ll be able to use the money for something you actually need.

Broken electronics and appliances

Old electronics are often another great source of scrap metal, so scour your garage for things like old AC units, computer monitors, televisions and kitchen appliances like fridges and freezers. Instead of repairing these items (which you’re probably never going to get around to) you can de-clutter your garage, trade them in for cash, and replace them with more energy efficient appliances.

Once you’ve cleared out your garage, it’s time to take your scrap metal harvest to your local scrap metal dealer, or if it’s a particularly large pile, have them come to you. Metal Men Recycling offer a 24-hour scrap metal pick up service in Melbourne and will give you cash for scrap. To arrange pick up, call us today on 03 5941 6677.