If you’re a regular follower of our blogs, you’re undoubtedly aware that it’s possible to turn a tidy profit by sourcing and selling various kinds of scrap metal. What you might not know however is that there is a plethora of found objects which can be flipped for profit. This week, we thought we’d run through four other types of found objects which can be traded in for cash.

Selling plant clippings is a great way to turn a profit

Plant clippings

With the trend for indoor plants reaching fever pitch, there is a huge market for many low maintenance varieties which can easily propagated for clippings. Take tip cuttings from thriving plants in your garden or around your neighbourhood, and root them in either peat moss or a glass of water until roots form, then sell the seedlings on via one of the many local plant selling groups on social media, or at a community garden swap meet. Some popular varieties to look out for include any kind of cactus or succulent, African violets, rex begonia, snake plant, jade plant and fuchsia.


Picture frames

Whilst art styles come and go, large, unusual or ornate picture frames are always in high demand. Next time you’re in an op shop flipping through a stack of pictures, focus on the frames instead of what they contain. Provided they are in good condition, large ornate or antique frames can fetch upwards of a hundred dollars.


Old and broken electronics

With the rate technology advances nowadays, almost everyone has an old phone, iPod, computer, stereo, or at least a handful of CDs lying around at home somewhere. Whilst out of date or broken electronics might seem useless to you, they do have a resale value as many contain reusable materials or can be reconditioned. Online electronic resellers like Decluttr, CashForCDs, and Dixons Recycled pay well for old and broken technology and are well worth investigating.


Appliance parts

If you have a small appliance which seems too old or broken to sell, there’s still a good chance that someone out there wants it’s parts. Online selling platforms like eBay are ideal for selling parts from brand name appliances as it has a worldwide audience and parts like attachments and accessories are small enough to be sent through the post.


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