Easy Ways To Pick Up Extra Cash 

By AWD Digital

With Christmas approaching, most of us are looking for some easy ways to pick up some extra cash. From collecting scrap metal to harnessing your creative talents, there are a variety of different things you can do to reel in some extra money. In this week’s blog, we share three easy ways to pick up extra cash. 

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1) Use your creative abilities 

The first way to pick up some extra money is to utilise your creative or artistic talents. Whether that’s in the form of freelance writing, graphic or web design work or photography, there are lots of different ways you can capitalise on your creativity. In today’s digital focused world, it’s even easier as you can find clients online and even establish an online business on the side of your day job.  

2) Babysit or nanny 

One rewarding way to earn some extra cash is to babysit or nanny. This can be a fun and fulfilling job with the potential for flexible hours. Try looking within your close circle of friends and family first for prospective clients and then if that fails, try the Internet. There are lots of great websites out there where you can register as a babysit and input your availability and work history. Make sure to check your area’s requirements, as a working with children check is generally required. 

3) Collect scrap metal 

The final way to pick up some extra cash is to recycle any scrap metal you have lying around your home. This includes brass, iron, steel, copper and aluminium. If you items such as magnets, old shelves, cars, soft drink cans, electrical wires, plumbing pipes, there is great potential to trade the old metals in for cash. At Metal Men Recycling, we provide cash for scrap metal. We are a family owned company that has been operating in the eastern suburbs of Pakenham for over 50 years. Come bring your scrap metal in today, to pick up some extra cash. Feel free to give us a ring on 03 5941 6677 if you have any questions.  


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