DIY Gifts With a Twist: 4 Ways to Give Sustainable Presents This Christmas

By Irena Kosturska

The Christmas season is one full of happiness and celebrations, and for many people, it is also about the spirit and joy of giving. This Christmas, you might be looking for a way to add a more sustainable and personal touch to your gift giving, so this blog will explore the magic of creating and making unique presents through recycling, reusing, and repurposing. These do-it-yourself creations express thoughtfulness and care and they also help to contribute to an overall more sustainable and environmentally friendly holiday season. Get ready to be inspired to unleash your creativity with these eco-friendly gift ideas, plus discover how to sell scrap metal for some extra cash, and to ensure that your scrap metal is responsibly recycled.

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1: Upcycle Scrap Fabric

Utilising and repurposing fabric to create a gift is a simple and cost-effective way to give an environmentally friendly present. You can take old fabric that you have around the house or that you find in an op-shop to create presents like cloth bags, patchwork quilts, scarves, or even soft-toys for children. If you don’t have any spare fabric, you can even source clothes to use instead, or extra sheets or quilt covers that you may have around the house. This tip is a way to breathe new life into old or unused textiles, while at the same time, creating a thoughtful and useful gift for your loved ones.

2: Use Reclaimed Wood

Another type of material that you can repurpose or use to make presents is wood. You can utilise salvaged wooden pallets, or old furniture to make a myriad of things. Create unique and personalised photo frames by cutting and then sanding reclaimed wood. You can even include a cherished photo of you and your loved one in the frame to complete the gift. Another great idea is to create wooden coasters or decorative signs from disused wood, as the natural grain of this material can add warmth and beauty to your gift creations. Each piece that you make is a testament to the benefits of repurposing and will remind the recipient of the value of giving new life to forgotten materials.

3: Personalised Jars

Jars are a terrific and inexpensive thing to reuse and repurpose into a gift, and there are many different things that you can create using them. You can collect glass jars from op-shops or ask your friends and family to save them for you in the lead-up to Christmas. Then, consider painting them with glass paint to create interesting and unique candle holders or a stunning vase or pen-cup.

Another great gift option is to make a personalised recipe jar for the baker in your life. First, sterilise your jars properly, and then fill them with the dry ingredients for your favourite cookie, cake, or slice recipe. Then, create a label or a card to attach to the jar that features the full list of ingredients and the recipe, so that the recipient can enjoy creating your favourite sweet treat. You can decorate the recipe card and the outside of the jar however you like, so this is a perfect way for you to get creative and give a thoughtful gift at the same time. You can feel good about giving the gift of good food, and even organise to spend quality time with the recipient by making the recipe together.

4: Scrap Metal

You might not have thought about using scrap metal to make gifts, but metal is a very versatile material that can be repurposed in many ways. Some examples include using old keys to create eclectic jewellery, or shaping discarded wire to create custom and personalised keychains or unique home décor. You can even make charming metal bookmarks for the avid reader in your life.

Plus, consider using or repurposing scrap metal to make Christmas decorations. This is an eco-friendly and special gift to give any of your friends and family this year, and you can make them extra personal by customising them for the individual recipient. You can add the year to these metal decorations, or paint them with a family name or a special image that may be important to your loved one. These are just some of the ways to utilise scrap metal that might otherwise be discarded and end up in a landfill. You can create a lovely gift, and feel good about your impact on the environment.

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