DIY Easter crafts to do with the kids!

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Easter is right around the corner. That’s why in today’s blog, we are showing you some of our favourite DIYs you can make with your kids! If you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids during the upcoming holiday then these five “egg-cellent” crafts will make for an afternoon of fun.

7 Easter Crafts for Kids - I See Me! Blog
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#1 Paper Plate Easter Chick

This craft is fun and a hit with the younger kids! All you’ll need is a paper plate, yellow paint, orange paper, googly eyes, 2 pipe cleaners, glue, a paint brush and scissors. First, paint your paper plate and leave to dry. Once it’s dry add your chicks eyes and glue the pipe cleaners on as legs. Cut out a diamond in the orange paper and fold it in half to make the beak. Finally, stick the beak onto the plate and enjoy your super cute Paper Plate Easter Chick!

#2 Easter Egg Potato Stamp

This is a great quick and easy craft great for decorating cards! You will need a potato, knife, paint and your card/paper. An adult can use the knife to cut the potato in half and cut out some lines to create a cute design. Then dip the potato in paint and stamp the potato against the paper. Enjoy your super cute stamps!

#3 Fingerprint Chicks

What you need; stamp ink pads in desired colours, paper, pen and fingers (you may also want to keep some wipes handy!) First, carefully press your finger into the ink pad. Then press your finger onto the paper. Now using your pen use simple lines and curves to add your eyes and beak. A good idea is to put a V in the middle of the fingerprint for the beak and add two dots on either side for the eyes. Then add a U at a 90-degree angle on either side for the wings and two sticks at the bottom for the legs. Now enjoy your cute little chicks!

#4 Easter Egg Doilies

For this beautiful Easter craft you will need textas, a cup of water, a paint brush, paper, craft glue and a doily. Start by tracing out an egg shape on your paper and get your child to cut it out. Then get them to colour the doily however they want, being careful not to rip it. Then place the doily over the egg cut out, getting your paint brush and dipping it into the water so that the markers run into the paper creating a beautiful watercolour decoration.

#5 Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks

This is a fun and creative craft perfect for all ages. You will need 5 popsicle sticks, orange and yellow paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, googly eyes and yellow paint. Cut your orange paper into legs and a beak and your orange paper into wings. Tart by gluing the 5 mini popsicle sticks onto a piece of cardboard. After it dries, have the children paint it yellow. Once the paint has dried glue on the eyes, beak, wings and legs! Now enjoy your little popsicle chicks!

#6 Paper Carrots

For this quick and fun Easter craft you will need a paper shredder, orange paint, orange and green paper, 3 icy pole sticks, glue and scissors. Glue two of your icy pole sticks together making a “V” then cut one in half and glue it on the top connecting the ends of the “V” creating a carrot shape. Paint your carrot shaped icy pole sticks orange and leave them to dry. Then glue your icy pole sticks onto some orange paper and cut off any excess. Then cut out a carrot top in green paper and glue it onto the carrot. Finally, take the rest of your green paper and put it through the shredder, gluing it onto the tops of the carrots creating a fun 3D shaped carrot!

#7 Tin Foil Easter Egg Art

For this simple and easy craft you will need cardboard, scissors, tin foil and sharpies. Cut out an egg shape from your cardboard then cover your cardboard egg in the foil. Then use your sharpies with the lid still on and decorate your egg. Finally, remove the tin foil and use your sharpies to traces the idents made by the sharpies lid. Enjoy your tin foil Easter egg!


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Written by Ali Godden


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