Declutter this December by Recycling these Household Items

By Sally O'Brien

Looking to clean the home before the new year? As experts in metal recycling in Melbourne, our team know everything that can be recycled around the home. Recyclable metals include aluminium, copper, stainless steel and brass, so it’s easy to protect the environment from needlessly sending scrap to landfills. Before you throw away the mystery metal, be sure to check this handy list to see if the scrap metal can be recycled (for profit).

Kitchen appliances and whitegoods

Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, older whitegoods and pots and pans made from aluminium or cast iron are perfect contenders for scrap metal recycling. Keep in mind that it costs less time and energy to recycle the materials in old whitegoods than to produce new ones from virgin materials. Whether it’s donating old cutlery to an op shop or offering baking trays and cookware to a metal recycler, recyclable materials like aluminium, iron or copper wires can be sourced from a variety of old and broken kitchen appliances.

Old whitegoods like kettles, toasters, refrigerators and dishwashers that need replacement can be stripped for recyclable material while washing machines and dryers also contain plenty of scrap metal for metal recyclers. Even older ovens and stovetops are often made from iron, perfect for metal recyclers in Melbourne.

Common kitchen clutter

A common kitchen item, empty steel cans can be easily disposed of in the household recycling bin for easy collection. This includes empty aerosol cans like cleaning sprays or aluminium or mixed metal cans such as soft drink cans, vegetable and fruit tins and pet food tins. Before placing these cans in the recycling bin for collection, ensure they are empty by giving them a thorough rinse. Removing any remaining food or liquid residue will ensure that the metal can be processed appropriately without risking contamination, which can increase sorting costs or risk recyclable materials being sent to landfill.

Simply swilling water around the tins will often suffice so that they appear visually clean, so there is no need to go overboard with dishwashing detergent! Additionally, Sustainability Victoria offers a free program, Detox your Home, to dispose of toxic household chemicals like cleaning products, fertilisers and herbicides, fuels and poisons. 

E-waste and older machinery

With recycling programs for old phones, cartridges and used batteries, there’s no excuse to forget the older electronics like desktops, gaming consoles and iPods. In Melbourne, e-waste is banned from landfill, so If there is an electronics graveyard within your home of broken laptops, obsolete mobile phones or old hairdryers, this might be a swift move to declutter your home.

Electronics are often constructed from a mix of recyclable metals with wiring made from copper – a highly recyclable material as almost 80% of copper that has ever been produced is still in use today. By following the guide to e-waste and recycling metal, you minimise the environmental impact of the product by extending the metal’s lifetime and reducing the need to mine virgin metals. 

Older furniture and fittings

Renovations can also reveal plenty of metal recycling opportunities! Old bed frames, outdoor dining furniture and clothing racks can be constructed from a metal mix that could be recycled, even if it is coated in a decorative paint or lacquer. Bicycle frames, elevated garden beds, barbecue grills and old garden tools are also constructed from metal, so don’t simply allow them to rust in the backyard!

Refreshing your home with a renovation can also provide an opportunity to gather older pipes, excess copper wire, steel sinks, obsolete tapware and metal finishes like curtain rods or window frames to be sold as scrap metal. 

Interested in metal recycling in Melbourne?

With over 50 years of metal experience, Metal Men Recycling provides quick and simple metal recycling services to Melbourne. We take all the hard work of sorting and transporting out of the process with our streamlined 24-hour pick up service. We accept all types of scrap metal benefiting your business and the environment.

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home through metal recycling or would just like to learn more about the environmental benefits of metal recycling, give us a call on 03 5941 6677 or fill out our online contact form.

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