Sell Scrap Cars in Melbourne

Why should I sell my old car for scrap metal profit?

If you currently own a car that isn’t worth repairing and is taking up space in your driveway, you should consider selling it for scrap. Selling scrap cars isn’t just convenient – it’s profitable. Often, you’ll find that you can get more money by selling your old car or caravan to a scrap dealer, rather than a car dealership. When you sell broken cars, it doesn’t matter whether it’s road safe or in terrible condition – it’s getting recycled anyway!

How do I sell cars for scrap metal profit?

While you certainly can sell a fully intact scrap car or caravan, gathering the specific sellable car parts will allow you to negotiate a higher price on your scrap metal. This is because the metal will no longer be attached to any foreign materials, making it more convenient for the scrap metal buyer to recycle it (and thus, more valuable).

In order to sell your scrap car for the most profit, you’ll want to start by stripping the interior and cleaning it thoroughly. This will involve removing upholstery, seating, and any accessories (such as the stereo). Some scrap dealers will offer to drain the car’s fluids, however if they don’t offer this service, you’ll need to do this too.

Next, you’ll want to sort through the parts to determine which ones are no longer working. Working parts can be reused and sold elsewhere. However, you can sell the broken car parts to scrap dealers. This includes anything from the stereo system to the engine and brakes. Try to separate the metal from any screws or plastic in order to get the best possible price for it.

Where can I sell my scrap car in Melbourne?

Metal Men Recycling is a scrap dealer based in Pakenham that services homes and businesses looking to sell scrap metal (including cars). With over 50 years of combined experience in the scrap metal industry, we understand that selling scrap cars isn’t always convenient. That’s why we have an organised 24-hour pickup service to collect bulky items for your site.

Whether you are selling scrap cars, old vehicles or smaller pieces of scrap metal, you can arrange your scrap metal pickup service by getting in touch with us today on 03 5941 6677.


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