18 Drovers Place, Pakenham VIC 3810

03 5941 6677

Business to Business

Metal Men Recycling offer FREE bins for your scrap metal. We have a vast and diverse range of bins and equipment that will or can be manufactured to suit your specific business requirements. With our diversity we are able to fit in with your company and offer requirements that suit your business. We also offer a 24 turnaround time and are able to deliver these bins and pick them up at your convenience. You will only have to deal with one person, our Account Manager Gary. With this personalised service Gary will be more than happy to discuss your needs and organise your companies set up.

We also specialise in factory and farm clean-ups. Our yard is over 4 acres in size which gives us the capacity to handle any and all jobs from small, through to medium and LARGE. We have the equipment to suit any requirement including but not limited to mobile bailers, excavators, shears, magnets and/or grabs.

We are able to pay with Cheque or EFT depending what suits your company.

We also have a public weighbridge rated to 90 tonnes that’s long enough to take anything from a Car to a B Double with easy drive through access.

We pride ourselves on our customer service so please call us to discuss your options on either
03 9761 6625 or 0459 036 898 and ask for Gary.

You won’t be disappointed.