Sell Scrap Brass in Melbourne

Where can I find scrap brass?

Scrap metal is easy to collect – and thus, profitable – because it can be found almost everywhere. In fact, many old 19th and 20th century homes in Melbourne contain brass fittings and plumbing systems. Soon, these systems will need to be replaced, making it a perfect time to sell scrap brass to a scrap metal buyer.

Sellable scrap brass can also be found:

  • In opportunity shops and flea markets. Due to its decorative appearance and its natural durability, brass has been used for all kinds of old treasures. This can include anything from old fittings, to trophies, to bed frames and doorknobs.
  • In instruments. Brass instruments (such as trombones, trumpets and French horns) have been used for centuries and are great to collect for selling, due to their weight.
  • In jewellery. Because brass looks similar to gold, it’s a popular choice for jewellery.

How do I identify tarnished brass?

Over time, brass tarnishes naturally due to oxidisation. This can cause the brass to lose its gold glow and adopt a blackish green or blue crust on its outer surface. Oxidisation does not mean that the brass has been corroded or damaged. Instead, it means that with a quick clean, the brass can be restored to its original condition.

As a result of the discolouration, tarnished brass can be difficult to identify. This is especially the case when you’re buying brass from a market or antique shop, where it may have been stored for years without being polished.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can test for brass, even when it’s tarnished:

  • Brass is slightly magnetic, unlike copper and bronze
  • Brass is not flexible.

What is the price of scrap brass per kg?

Melbourne scrap brass prices change frequently based on the supply and demand of brass in the scrap industry. Prices also depend on the condition of your scrap brass. To find out the price of scrap brass per kilogram, therefore, it’s best to get in touch with your local scrap yard.

Where can I sell scrap brass?

To sell your scrap brass for the best prices on the market, get in touch with Metal Men Recycling. Not only are our prices highly competitive for scrap brass per kilogram, but we are also dedicated to making the scrap collection process easy for you. In fact, we even provide unique and convenient 24-hour collection bins that can be stored on your site for hassle-free pickup!

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