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3 great reasons why Copper is the King of Scrap Metal

Copper is one of the most coveted metals down at the scrap yard. Let’s explore the reasons why copper is one of the best metals to recycle and discover how you can maximise your return when you turn your scrap copper into cash.

1. Copper is one of the most profitable types of scrap metal

Scrap copper prices vary depending on the grade of the material (this applies to insulated copper wire) and whether the copper you have is clean or mixed. Based on these factors you could expect to be quoted between AUD $1 – $6 per kilo for your scrap, with insulated copper wire bringing in around $1 – $2 per kilo and clean copper fetching around AUD $4 – $7 per kilo. However, prices will also vary according to the state of the scrap and other metals and materials that may be attached to your copper (market prices also fluctuate regularly).

copper pipes and other scrap

2. Copper scrap is extremely easy to find

Copper is a non-ferrous metal which can be found in gutters, electrical wires and motors as well as piping and other plumbing fixtures. You make good use out of your old electronics and appliances by pulling out any copper wiring inside. If you have the time to carry the required stripping or splitting, valuable copper can be harvested from almost any size cable or wire. Another great opportunity to get your hands on some scrap copper is when you or someone you know is renovating their home and the plumbing is being upgraded. Plumbers often switch the pipes from the old copper ones to pvc.

3. Almost all scrap metal yards accept Copper

The energy, effort and cost involved in creating copper from virgin ores is significantly greater than those associated with recycling copper. Therefore it is much more profitable for industries to recycle copper. This is one of the key factors resulting in copper being a sought after material at the scrap metal yard.

Metal Men Recycling pays some of Melbourne’s premium prices in cash for your scrap copper. We accept all types of scrap copper including copper wire, pipes, tubes, plated, sheet, etc.

Let us turn your copper scrap into cash

We can help you sell scrap metal  including scrap copper without leaving your home or business. Our 24 hour pickup service makes scrapping copper a breeze. We will supply the bins, deliver them to your property and come back to collect them at your convenience.

If you have time to separate your copper from your other materials, strip the shielding from your cables and wire, and remove any foreign objects like steel screws and fittings attached to the copper you can maximise the value of your scrap.

If you’d like advice on recycling copper, current scrap copper prices or to arrange collection of your scrap contact the scrap metal pickup specialists on 03 5941 6677.