Green Gold: The Economic Opportunities in Selling Scrap Metal as a Side Hustle

In a world where sustainability meets economic savvy, the concept of turning rubbish into cash is gaining momentum. One avenue that stands out is selling scrap metal. Beyond simply decluttering your home or workplace, selling scrap metal presents a unique side hustle opportunity that can add some extra value to your hip pocket. This practice also aligns with environmental responsibility, which is an increasingly important concern for many people, businesses, and industries. This month, we explore the economic opportunities embedded in the world of scrap metal and uncover the strategies for and reasons to sell scrap metal. Keep reading to discover how you can turn your scrap metal into a sustainable and lucrative side hustle.

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The Foundation: Understanding the Value of Scrap Metal

If you want to understand why selling scrap metal is a great side hustle, you first have to understand the value of scrap metal. There are several factors that come into play when assessing the scrap metal. First, the condition of the metal influences its value, and clean and uncontaminated metal will be worth more. Secondly, the purity of the metal also plays a pivotal role. Ferrous metals are metals which contain iron, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, and brass, are often more valuable. Lastly, the quantity of the scrap you have also impacts its market value. Larger volumes usually translate to better returns.

In order to navigate this landscape effectively, aspiring scrap metal entrepreneurs should stay informed about metal market trends. In addition, you can consider forming relationships with local scrapyards and expert metal recycling centres, to help with your scrap metal journey. In essence, understanding the value of scrap metal is about more than simply metal; it’s about unlocking the potential embedded in what others might perceive as discardable or useless.

The Art of Collecting Scrap Metal

The potential sources for scrap metal are diverse, and often hiding in plain sight. You can start with your immediate surroundings – sheds or garages, for example, can hold many forgotten treasures, from old appliances to disused electronics. Op-shops or garage sales also offer rich hunting grounds, as do hard rubbish piles, where you can turn someone’s rubbish into your treasure. In addition, consider engaging with local businesses, especially those with plenty of metal by-products, can be an effective way to gather scrap metal.

Knowing Your Metal: Sorting and Maximising Returns

When you efficiently sort scrap metal, you can help to maximise your returns. This is a nuanced process that involves distinguishing between different metals, each with its own market value. When you understand classifications like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and in addition, the purity of metals, you will potentially be able to command higher prices.

Plus, establishing a systematic sorting method streamlines the recycling process – you should separate metals based on type, grade, and condition. In all, sorting metals is not just about organisation; it’s a strategic move to extract the maximum value from your scrap metal collection.

Networking in the Scrap Metal Community

Networking in the scrap metal community opens a gateway to a world of opportunities. Building relationships with local scrapyards and recycling centres isn’t just a formality, it’s a strategic move. Local scrapyards can often be the final destination for scrap metal and can provide valuable information on current market prices, preferred materials, and any specific requirements for metal recycling.

In addition, when you establish a relationship with a trusted metal recycling centre, you can ensure that your scrap metal is fetching a fair price and that it will be recycled responsibly. This kind of networking isn’t just about expanding your contact list, it’s about creating a support system, staying informed about industry trends, and discovering new ways to source and sell scrap metal.

Selling Scrap Metal to be Recycled: The Smart and Sustainable Choice

You’ve decided to sell scrap metal as a side hustle. You have learned about the properties and types of metal, understood how to collect, and sort it, and established a relationship with local scrap yards or recyclers. So, why should you sell your scrap metal to a specialised metal recycler?

Firstly, this process transforms otherwise discarded materials into valuable commodity, which contributes to the circular economy. This means that the environmental footprint associated with metal production is diminished. Secondly, engaging in scrap metal recycling is a win-win scenario; you can get paid while contributing to a more sustainable future. By selling scrap metal, you can boost your income, while participating in the current global effort to reduce environmental strain.

Do You Want to Sell Scrap Metal?

Look no further than Metal Men Recycling. If you are interested in starting your own scrap metal side hustle and have scrap metal, then we want to buy it. We will then recycle your metal, which makes a difference to the environment, and helps you with your bottom line. 

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Metal Recycling at Home: 5 Tips for Starting a DIY Metal Recycling Initiative

When it comes to sustainability, our individual contributions are incredibly important. The everyday actions that we take can have a hugely positive impact on the environment, especially when we work together with others in our community towards sustainable projects. One of the best ways to contribute positively to our environment is through recycling, a process that most of us are familiar with from our own households. However, what you might not know is that metal can be recycled as well, and that this has benefits not just for the environment, but for your hip pocket too! Setting up a metal recycling drive is one way to reap the many benefits of metal recycling. From minimising landfill waste, to providing you with an opportunity to sell scrap metal for some extra cash, there are many reasons to start up a metal recycling initiative. Whether you are a school, a workplace, or a community group, why not raise environmental awareness at the same time as potentially raising some extra cash for your organisation?

scrap metal recycling initiative

1: Know and Understand Metal

One of the first steps when setting up a metal recycling drive through your organisation is to educate yourself about metals. This includes gaining knowledge about metal types, metal sorting and separating, and how metals are recycled.

When running a metal recycling initiative, it is important that you can quickly identify different types of metal, so that they can be sorted accordingly. Down the line, sorting the metals you receive will assist the metal recycling professional that you partner with.

2: Set Up Collection Points and Bins

Now it is time to consider how you are going to collect and accept donations of scrap metal for your recycling drive. Will you have a collection point at your school or workplace? Or do you want to set up a collection bin at your home, for friends and family to drop off donations to? Now is also a good time to decide what types of metal you will accept, and in what forms, so that it is clear for those collecting scrap metal and making donations.

3: Learn About the Safe Handling of Metals

When it comes to metal recycling initiatives, ensuring that metal is handled safely at all times is critically important. Ensure that you, and everyone assisting with the recycling drive is educated and trained in ways to safely handle scrap metals. Wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, steel-toed safety shoes, and dust masks is important to protect against sharp edges and any hazardous materials that you may come across such as lead-based paint that can coat old metal objects.

Another important point is to ensure that you engage metal professionals for tasks that relate to dismantling or disassembling objects in order to obtain scrap metal. It is critical for your safety that you do not take on these tasks yourself, but rather that you leave them to professionals with the correct training and expertise.

4: Engage Your Community

Regardless of the organisation that you belong to, when you set up a DIY recycling drive it is necessary to engage with your community in order to receive donations, and to make your drive as successful as possible. There are many ways that you can engage the community around you, whether you belong to a school, a kindergarten, a workplace, or another type of group. From flyers and leaflets making people aware of the details of the recycling drive, to your very own email campaign, it’s all about marketing! Consider a team lunch promoting the recycling initiative, or a series of social media posts that let your community know about all the ways that metal recycling benefits the environment. When people know the purpose of your initiative, as well as the details like where to drop off donations, you will have more support, and ultimately, a more successful drive.

5: Partner With a Reputable Recycling Centre

Once your recycling initiative has gathered steam and you have received your scrap metal donations, the next step is to get your donations recycled. This is where you need to partner with a reputable recycling professional, such as a specialised metal recycling centre. These professionals have the expertise to recycle scrap metal for you in a safe manner, and in a manner that will benefit the environment. When you partner with a reputable recycling centre, you can sell the metal that you have collected to these professionals, and rest assured that it will be recycled responsibly.

Do You Need to Sell Scrap Metal?

When it comes to metal recycling experts, look no further than Metal Men Recycling. Whether you have excess scrap metal from a DIY recycling drive, or you are a business looking for professional metal recycling, we can help. We pride ourselves on being scrap metal experts, and with over 50 years of combined metal industry expertise, we can provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

When you need to sell scrap metal, call us at 03 5941 6677, or you can fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to get back to you. As our motto says, if it’s metal, we want it!

How to Reduce Metal Waste: 4 Tips for Businesses

When it comes to the business and the environment, many workplaces in many industries are trying to cultivate a better relationship with our natural world. In 2023, it is indeed important to try to do better, and to try to curb any practices that are potentially damaging to our environment. Our world is in a delicate situation, and there is no doubt that it is a delicate balance between the needs of business and the needs of the environment. One of the areas that businesses can focus on for improvement when it comes to sustainability is the reduction of metal waste. From encouraging a circular economy in the workplace to finding ways to sell scrap metal to be recycled, this article will explore the many ways to reduce metal waste.

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Conduct a Waste Audit

When you want to implement metal waste reduction as a strategy and principle within your business, it is important to know where you already stand in terms of metal waste. You can do this by conducting a waste audit of your workplace which in turn can evaluate current waste management systems, gather specific data about waste practices, and even find ways to save on waste costs. It is possible to conduct the audit yourself, or you can hire an external waste management expert to conduct it for you. Regardless of the route you choose, assessing the current state of your waste management practices can give you important insights into improvements that can be made for the benefit of the environment.

Educate and Train Employees

When you want to create a culture of sustainability within your business, you will need your employees on board. In fostering a sustainable environment, your employees are major players – you will need their active involvement and participation. This begins with employee education and training about the importance of reducing waste, sustainability, and having a positive impact on the environment.

There are many ways that you can encourage and engage your employees in sustainability programs in the workplace. Consider systems that recognise and reward sustainable employee actions and efforts, and offering opportunities for your employees to make their own suggestions about ways for the business to impact the environment.

When employees are well-trained and have a sense of ownership over sustainability in their place of work, this will help to implement positive change in the business overall.

Lean into the Circular Economy

The circular economy is a model that seeks to use products and materials for as long as it is viable. The model involves making, using, repairing, returning, reusing and of course, recycling. Underpinning all these principles is an emphasis on moving away from thinking about products as disposable. Instead, you can lean into the circular economy by considering durability as well as the potential for the product or material to be recycled or repaired. 

By adopting the principles of a circular economy, your business has the potential to extend the lifespan of metal products, and in doing so, help to reduce waste and conserve your materials and resources. This in turn is better for the environment and your business overall.

Recycle Scrap Metal

One of the major things you can do to reduce metal waste is actually to increase metal recycling.  When you want to establish a metal recycling program within your business, it is essential that this program is partnered with a reputable metal recycling facility, and that every team member and employee plays an active part. You can set up collection points for different types of metal within your workplace, including sorting these into aluminium, steel, and copper waste.

When your employees are on board with your sustainability principles, they will be able to help with identifying metal waste that can be recycled, and with sorting it. Then, the final step is to sell your scrap metal to a metal recycling specialist who will take care of the recycling for you. Metal recycling has so many benefits for the environment including saving unnecessary metal waste from landfill, and lowered carbon emissions.

An efficient recycling program can reduce metal waste for your business, which can have a greatly positive effect on both your workplace and the environment too.

Do You Need to Sell Scrap Metal?

If you’re ready to sell scrap metal, look no further than Metal Men Recycling. When it comes to scrap metal, we pride ourselves on being experts. If your business has a recycling program and needs to sell metal, we are here to help with all your metal recycling needs. We are a family-owned business with over 50 years of combined metal industry experience, so we can provide you with a complete and seamless experience from start to finish. As our motto says, if it’s metal, we want it!

When you have scrap metal to sell, give us a call at 03 5941 6677, or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to get back to you.

4 Industries that Rely on Metal

Metal: we all know it when we see it, feel it, and use it, but have you ever thought about the different industries that rely on metal to function? There are many industries that rely on and use metal in different ways as a core part of their business. These industries might have metal at the very centre of their practices, or they might rely on metal to function, but they all utilise metal in some way. Here at Metal Men Recycling, metal is our business, so we are keenly aware of the role that it has to play across businesses, trades, and industries. Whether an industry is metal-centred or metal-reliant, these businesses have metal at their heart, just like we do here at Metal Men Recycling. Keep reading to find out about just some of the industries that use and rely on metal, including where you can sell scrap metal for it to be recycled.

Scrap metal recycling


Metallurgy is a scientific field that studies and works with metallic elements as well as alloys and intermetallic compounds.

What is an alloy?

An alloy is a metallic substance which is composed of two or more metallic elements. An alloy can be created by melting the two metallic elements together. An example of an alloy is brass, which is comprised of copper and zinc.

What is an intermetallic compound?

An intermetallic compound is a type of alloy which forms a solid-state compound between two or more metallic elements.

Metallurgy is split into two categories: chemical metallurgy and physical metallurgy. Chemical metallurgists study the chemical performance of metals, including the oxidisation of them. Some areas of study within chemical metallurgy are electrochemistry, the extraction of metals, and thermodynamics.

Meanwhile, physical metallurgy has a particular focus on the physicality of metals, including their mechanical properties and how they physically perform. Areas of study within this field include material characterisation and phase transformations.

If you want to know more about this broad field of engineering and science, make sure to check out this page all about metallurgy and discover how this unique industry uses metal.


Metalworking is the business of shaping and reshaping metal to create new things. This can include objects like utensils for instance, or they can be parts that are used in constructing new large-scale structures or in machinery.

This industry dates back to ancient times and can be divided into three broad categories: forming, cutting, and joining.

Forming: The process of forming metal means modifying a metal object by deforming the object. This means that a particular type of force is applied to the metal, which could be heat or a mechanical force.

Cutting: The process of cutting means to cut a metal workpiece into a specific shape. This is done by cutting away the excess metal around the intended geometrical shape. The process leaves two parts: the finished cut piece, and the excess metal or waste.

Joining: This process joins two pieces of metal together, as in brazing, soldering, or welding. Welding for example, is a type of joining process that applies a form of energy to the two pieces, be it laser, gas flame, friction, or ultrasound. The application of this energy creates the weld between the two.

Building and Construction

The building and construction industry utilise metal in their day-to-day activities, using many different kinds of metal for many different applications.

Steel is among the most commonly used metal in building and construction, as is aluminum, due to its durable and lightweight qualities. In addition, copper can be used in this industry for things like wiring, roofing, and heating systems, due to its benefits of conductivity, flexibility, and durability.

The building industry uses these types of metals in the construction of new structures including homes and workplaces. They can be used for framing these structures, as well as roofing, electrical wiring, cladding, and plumbing, to name just a few.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Here at Metal Men Recycling, metal is the heart and soul of our business. We are proud to offer a reliable place for our customers to sell scrap metal and recycle it safely and professionally. This means we are able to provide a valuable service to customers, as well as play a part in bringing about the benefits that recycling scrap metal produces for the environment. Make sure to check out our guide to the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling to discover how this practice helps out the world around us.

Ready to Sell Scrap Metal?

Look no further than Metal Men Recycling! We are experts in scrap metal and metal recycling, backed by our 50 years of industry experience. Our motto says, if it’s metal, we want it! So, when you have excess scrap metal at home or in the workplace, make sure to recycle it with Metal Men Recycling.

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4 Recycling Resolutions for the New Year

It’s almost time to ring in a new year, which means soon the parties will be over, Auld Lang Syne will have been sung, and it will be time to set new resolutions and goals to help guide us through 2023. As we face the new year, it’s often a time to pause and reflect on the year that was. Resolutions can set the tone for a new week, new month, or new year, and help us to be intentional about what it is that we want from 2023. If you’re like us, you might want to focus more on sustainability in the new year, and that’s where our handy list of recycling resolutions comes in! Keep reading to discover the unique things you can do this year to recycle more items, how you can sell scrap metal to be recycled, and how you can recycle more effectively!

sell scrap metal for recycling

Recycle Properly

Sometimes a commitment to recycling and sustainability means committing to recycle properly and thoroughly every time. It may be a bit tempting on some bin nights to not separate the rubbish from the recycling, or perhaps to not bother with recycling at all. So, one resolution to make this new year is to recycle properly, starting with the rubbish at home.

So, what is the first port of call for information about how to recycle correctly? The answer to that is simple: your local council. What can be recycled can vary from council to council, so it is important to find the correct information on the website of your local council. Check out this handy directory from Sustainability Victoria to find your local council, and learn about the recycling guidelines in your area.

Recycle Eyeglasses

This is a resolution that you can feel good about. If you or someone in your house wears glasses, then it might surprise you to know that you can actually recycle glasses that you no longer use or need.

Specsavers partner with the Fred Hollow Foundation and Lions Recycle for Sight so that you can donate your pre-loved glasses in-store. These glasses are then put to great use overseas, where they are delivered to those who desperately need them. So, if you have a pair of old glasses or sunglasses that still have more life left in them, then consider recycling them, and giving a helping hand to people who really need them.


It might surprise you to know that the fast fashion clothing industry is a major contributor to climate change. According to Clean Up Australia, the fast fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution. While fast fashion is cheap, the clothing it produces is also generally low quality and disposable, which doesn’t bode well for our landfills or the environment.

That’s why it’s important to commit to having a recycling mindset when it comes to clothes, and why the new year is a great time to start! There are many ways that you can reuse and recycle your clothing – for instance, you can donate pre-loved clothes to Op-Shops where they can be used by someone else. You can also up-cycle or mend clothes that you might otherwise have discarded. You can also swap with or borrow from friends and family in order to reduce your contribution to the fast fashion industry.

Sounds simple, but anything you can do to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill makes a huge difference, and is better for the environment. Why not consider this for a recycling resolution this new year?

Sell Scrap Metal

Our final recycling resolution is all about scrap metal, and scrap metal is all around us! Whether you own a business, or you need to clean up around your home, the best way to get rid of scrap metal is to sell it, and at Metal Men Recycling, we are experts in just that. Here at Metal Men, when we buy your scrap metal, we recycle it, which means that it isn’t added to the landfill. This is much better for the environment.

So, when you come across scrap metal throughout this year, make a resolution to sell it to be recycled. It’s a simple process that can contribute positively to our environment. Make sure to check out just how scrap metal recycling helps our environment, and make that recycling resolution!

Are You Ready to Sell Scrap Metal?

Look no further than Metal Men Recycling. When it comes to scrap metal, we pride ourselves on being metal recycling experts and providing exceptional customer service from start to finish. We have 50 years of combined industry experience, and as our motto says, if it’s metal, we want it!

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4 Ways to Re-Use and Recycle More This Christmas Season

Christmas is often such a time of happiness, celebration, and joy, between the gift-giving, the meals shared with friends, family, and loved ones, and all those Christmas-time traditions that we hold dear. It’s also usually a very busy time, with hours spent decorating, buying presents, cleaning our homes, and preparing for events in the lead-up to the big day. But amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, sometimes we can lose sight of sustainability and in particular, recycling. So, during this exciting and busy time of year, it’s important to be conscious of the steps that we can take to reuse, recycle, and contribute positively to the environment. Keep reading to find out the 4 ways that you can recycle this Christmas season, and how you can sell scrap metal that you find in your pre-Christmas clean-out.

Image of recycled Christmas decorations including greenery on a white background.

Gift Buying, Wrapping, and Giving

When it comes to gift giving, there are so many things to think about – from choosing the perfect gift, staying within your budget, and then the final touches like wrapping and cards. But this Christmas season, there are some things you can do to focus on re-usage and recycling, in order to have a more sustainable Christmas!

You can think about purchasing some handmade and recycled Christmas gifts, or you could consider upcycling something yourself for a recycled gift with a personal touch. Plus, it’s also important to think about all that wrapping paper that gets ripped off presents and tossed in the bin – consider purchasing recyclable wrapping paper this year!

Re-use and Recycle in the Kitchen

When it comes to Christmas, many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that there is a lot of food waste at this time of year. First, you can consider re-using the aluminium foil and foil trays that play a large part in the preparation of a big Christmas lunch or dinner. If your piece of foil has been only lightly used, then you could extend its life by reusing it. Plus, it’s then important to recycle foil correctly – in Victoria, aluminium foil can be recycled, though, in some councils, it must be scrunched into a ball roughly the size of a fist.

Another consideration for the kitchen at Christmas time is trying to curb the amount of food waste that you produce. Of course, composting your produce scraps can always help with this – and if you’re not already composting, now is a perfect time to start!

Christmas decoration made from scrap metal cans

Recycled Christmas Decorations

When it comes to Christmas traditions, decorating is a huge one! From Christmas trees to garlands and fairy lights, new decorations are always tempting, no matter the number of decorations you already have at home! One simple thing that you can do is reuse the decorations that you already have at home from year to year, instead of purchasing new ones.

You can also consider re-purposing things that you have around the house, or things you happen to come across into decorations. For example: do you have old Christmas cards lying around? Or perhaps ones that have never even been written on? You could cut or stamp shapes out of these cards, and string them together to create a unique cardboard garland! Check out this ABC article for more tips on reusing and recycling this Christmas.

Clean Up Sustainably and Sell Scrap Metal

If you’re doing the big pre-Christmas house and yard clean, make sure to do it sustainably! There are a number of things you can do to make your clean-up better for the environment, including recycling properly and responsibly, and this is especially true when it comes to scrap metal.

It’s possible that you come across scrap metal during your cleaning, whether it’s in the form of disused appliances, scrap brass or copper, or scrap cans from your Christmas holiday cooking.

Here at Metal Men Recycling, you can be assured that when you sell scrap metal to us, we recycle it, which contributes positively to our environment in many ways. Check out our guide to the ways that scrap metal recycling benefits the environment

Need to Sell Scrap Metal?

Look no further than Metal Men Recycling. Whether your pre-Christmas clean-out has left you needing to sell excess scrap cans, or old appliances, we are here to help you with all your scrap metal needs. Backed by over 50 years of combined metal industry experience, we are proud to provide excellent customer service and a seamless selling process from start to finish.

Give us a call at 03 5941 6677 or fill out our online contact form, and we will be happy to get back to you!

3 Important Facts About Selling Scrap Metal and Your Business

Did you know that you and your business can sell scrap metal and reap the benefits? Maybe you have a business of your own, or perhaps you work for or manage one. You could be employed by a large company, a mid-size, or a small one, and perhaps are interested in finding out how scrap metal recycling can benefit and work alongside your business. Regardless of the size of the business you own, run, or work for, you have the opportunity to integrate scrap metal recycling into the everyday operation of the workplace.

Sell scrap metal for scrap metal recycling

The Benefits of Selling Scrap Metal

Financial Benefits: The first, and perhaps the most appealing benefit of selling scrap metal is making some extra money. When you take excess scrap metal or any metal that may be lying around your workplace and sell it to Metal Men Recycling, we pay you for it. It’s as simple as that. In fact, our motto here at Metal Men is: If it’s metal, we want it! Take a look at our post on finding scrap metal around your business, and then read on to discover the industries that may have access to different types of scrap metal.

Environmental Benefits: You might be surprised to know that there are environmental benefits that come with selling scrap metal. When you sell scrap metal with Metal Men Recycling, we recycle it – it’s in our name after all! We all know that the act of recycling contributes positively to the environment, as opposed to other options like a landfill. You can learn about all of these environmental benefits by reading our guide about why scrap metal recycling is so important for climate change.

Workplace Benefits: Not only does scrap metal recycling benefit our world and the wider environment, but this practice can also benefit your workplace environment. Your workplace could be cluttered, untidy and potentially unsafe due to excess scrap metal that is lying around. In selling and thus recycling this metal, you can also clean up and help to ensure the safety of your working environment.

Industries that Can Benefit from Selling Scrap Metal

Appliance Industry: The appliance industry is rich in different types of metal. If you work in the appliance manufacturing or refurbishment industry, remember to keep an eye out for scrap metal around the appliances that you work with, and remember that there are ways to scrap old and disused appliances.

Automotive Industry: If you work in the automotive industry, you will find lots of opportunities to collect scrap metal for recycling. Maybe you’re in automotive manufacturing – in that case, you might be coming across defective pieces of machinery, or defective automotive parts that need to be disposed of in some way. How do you do this? Selling steel and aluminium for scrap metal is one easy, cost-effective and sustainable way to do this!

Heating and Air Conditioning Industry: In this industry, skilled workers deal with old heating and air conditioning units that may be disused or in disrepair. What happens to these old units? They can be sold for scrap metal! Heating and air conditioning units generally contain all sorts of metal – from aluminium to copper and steel. 

Construction Industry: If you work in construction, you probably know that there can be an abundance of opportunities for collecting and coming across scrap metal. One example is demolition. When homes and buildings are demolished, there is excess metal in the form of steel, copper and aluminium that needs to be disposed of. Is the answer landfill? No – the sustainable and cost-effective answer is selling the metal to be recycled!

How You Can Sell Scrap Metal

So, you’ve discovered that your business or industry can potentially benefit from selling scrap metal. Where to from here? When it comes to scrap metal, look no further than Metal Men Recycling! We are here to provide you with exceptional customer service and a seamless scrap metal selling experience.

With over 50 years of combined metal industry experience, we are proud to be leading scrap metal buyers in Melbourne, providing an easy way for you to sell scrap metal. Remember to familiarise yourself with the regulations of buying and selling scrap metal, and check out the scrap metal laws in Victoria.

Ready to Sell Scrap Metal?

If you’re a business with excess scrap metal, here at Metal Men Recycling, we will do everything we can to make selling it a smooth and easy process for you. We are able to provide your business with bins for your scrap metal and are able to deliver these bins to and pick them up from your business within a 24-hour time period, depending on your particular business needs.

To discuss scrap metal recycling options for your business, get in contact by calling 03 5941 6677, or filling out our online contact form, and we will happily take care of your enquiry!