All About Aluminium

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For some of us, when we hear the word aluminium, the first thing we think of is the material used to wrap around potatoes when cooking on the barbeque. But there’s a lot more to this special element. In this article, we’re going to give you the low-down on aluminium.

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What is it?

As the second most common element on the planet after silicon, aluminium makes up 8 percent of the Earth’s crust by weight. In nature, it’s found as bauxite, which is a mix of aluminium oxides, iron oxides and clay, and is then manufactured into a metal through a complex process that involves purifying the organic matter.

How is it used?

It’s super lightweight, and is found in soda cans and other packaging, automobiles, aircraft, technological devices, just to name a few of its uses. Because it’s so abundant, it’s often one of those metals that are taken for granted, but benefits of aluminium can’t be denied. It’s easy to fold, mold and recycle, and as such, is one of the best materials if you’re looking to exchange scrap metal for cash.

How is it recycled?

Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable, as none of the quality of the material is lost during the process, and can be recycled infinite times. The recycling process uses only 5 percent of the energy required to make aluminium, and emits very little greenhouse gas comparatively. By recycling aluminium, you reduce the levels of waste in landfill, reduce energy use, and reduce the need for raw materials.

Crazily enough, about 75 percent of the aluminium ever made is still in use thanks to recycling. Make sure you exchange your aluminium, and get cash for scrap metal like so many others have. Metal Men Recycling offer a 24 hour pickup service, which can be arranged for your home or business, depending on your needs. Call 03 5941 6677 for more information.

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