A Beginners Guide to Cash for Scrap Metal

By AWD Digital

It’s that time of year where the summer holidays are just around the corner and everyone is scrambling for extra cash to use forChristmas presents. Trading in your scrap metal is not only a great way to earn some extra money, it’s also beneficial to the environment. Here are some awesome ideas of how you can make some well-deserved cash from your unwanted scrap metal around the house.

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Which metals can I trade in?

The best types of metals to recycle include brass, iron, steel, copper, and aluminium.

Step 1: Grab a magnet! If the magnet sticks to the metal, you may be looking at something like steel or iron. Steel and iron are ferrous metals and although they are not worth as much as non-ferrous metals, they are still worth trading in for cash. Metal that does not stick will most likely be an aluminium, bronze, stainless steel or even brass. These are extremely valuable to recycle thus; more money!

Step 2: Call your local scrap yard and check what metals they accept. This may save you an unwanted trip.

Step 3: Visit your local scrap yard or, if your scrap metal provider offers it, arrange a time for pick up.

Handy Tips: Where to find scrap metal in the home

Steel- Steel, being one of the most popular metals used in the world can be found in things such as old shelves, cars and even old rolls of wire

Aluminium- One of the most common products that uses aluminium are in fact soft drink cans! Grab a box and start collecting!

Copper- Copper is commonly used in such things such as gutters, within air conditioners, electrical wires as well as plumbing pipes. Copper, being one of the more expensive materials should be kept separately so you don’t loose it.

Brass – You can find brass on things such as door handles, bathroom fixtures as well as light fixtures. Being made of both copper and zinc, you can often find brass in plumbing materials

To make the most of your scrap for cash, call Metal Men Recycling today! We offer 24-hour pick up and will give you cash for scrap metal in no time at all.

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