6 Useful DIY Upcycles To Do During Quarantine

By Adam Ioannidis

It can be hard finding ways to occupy yourself during quarantine. You feel like you’re trapped inside and are just itching to get out. As scrap metal buyers, we understand it’s not easy, but the best way to quell this feeling is by distracting yourself, and the best distraction you can give yourself is a project that’ll take up your time and get you concentrated. That’s why for today’s blog, we’re going to be listing six fantastic DIY upcycle projects you can start on during this unprecedented pandemic.

1.     Folding chairs into storage/hanger unit

If you have any folding chairs lying around that you perhaps don’t need anymore, then this is the perfect opportunity to upcycle them into a coat hanger rack as well as storage space. Simply hang them on your wall and open them up to use the bar connecting the front two legs as a coat hanger. 

The section where you’d sit down can be used as a shelf. Just make sure the chair is firmly held in place and can take the weight of whatever you’re storing on it. Depending on the style of the chair you can repaint it or decorate it with other items to make it seem more appealing or in keeping with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

2.     Marbles in fences

If you have holes in your wooden fence, then patch them up with glass marbles. Not only is this a great way to fill up the small holes in your fence – but it also looks fantastic. Different coloured marbles will sparkle and look magical as the sun shines through them. You can even make holes in your fence and patch them up with marbles if you love the effect but lack the holes. 

3.     Bottles into lights

This is a pretty classic upcycle technique and there are always new ways you change it to suit your own aesthetic and house. Whether it’s a plastic or glass bottle, just cut it up, fix a lightbulb in it and hang it from your ceiling (or any surface you choose) and enjoy the rustic vibe and different type of lighting that each bottle offers. Coloured bottles are especially fun to play around with as they’ll give you some great lighting effects.

4.     Brick planters

Use old bricks you have in your backyard as mini planters. Simply fill in the holes with soil and seeds, maintain them and then watch them flourish over time. If cleaned up properly you can even put these inside the house and place them in a little container, so the water has somewhere to drain into when you water them.

This also works great for cinderblocks which have that unique square look that can fit snuggly with any vibe indoor or out. Both styles can be decorated as well to really fit in with your home’s aesthetic, so you don’t just have the dull natural brown colour of the brick or neutral grey tone of the cinderblock.

5.     Oil lamp lightbulbs

Oil lamps are very old school but can be fantastic pieces provided they’re in secure areas where they’re less likely to fall and break. Simply clean out a light bulb and then fill it with oil. Screw the cap back on with a piece of wick leading from the oil through the cap and light the top of the wick. There you have it, a fantastic lightbulb oil lamp. Construct a stand for it as well so it can comfortably and securely sit in place.

6.     Dresser into a wine bar

If you have an old dresser that you don’t use anymore then you can sand it down, repaint it and transform it into a wine bar. Position holders so glasses can be held in drawers or you can store the bottles in the drawers and then have the surface as the serving area. This chic little object will make a fine addition to any room in your house.

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