6 Incredible Scrap Metal Artists

By Ali Godden

As scrap metal buyers in Melbourne, we enjoy reading and experiencing the various ways that scrap metal can be used beyond recycling and repurposing. That’s why today we thought we’d take a look at the more creative side of the scrap metal industry and highlight six incredible artists who use scrap metal components to craft gorgeous sculptures and pieces.

1.     John Lopez

John Lopez is a bronze sculptor and welder who chose to pursue scrap metal sculpting after his aunt passed away in a car accident. Moving to his uncle’s ranch, the Western South Dakota-raised sculptor built the fence around the newly erected family cemetery. When he ran out of materials, he used scrap iron. This sparked a move into scrap metal sculpting which allowed him to experiment and continue sculpting and welding but with scrap metal as his chief material. Lopez has since created several incredible bronze sculptures such as the life-sized bison, Dakotah – which was created by first moulding a clay model and then creating a bronze cast. 

2.     Igor Verniy

There is a Russian artist named Igor Verniy who specialises in steampunk and cyberpunk-styled scrap metal sculptures. These aren’t as large as Lopez’ scrap creations, however, but smaller-scale pieces with intricate details and moving components so the sculptures can be posed in various fashions. Verniy concentrates predominantly on small creatures like birds and butterflies. He repurposes a lot of old jewellery, car parts and electronics to bring his creations to life.

He has stated that his love of science (both natural and fiction), as well as engineering and robots, pushed him to pursue such a passion that allows him to marry his fascinations. Verniy studies the animals and their proportions in their natural habitats to gain the best possible understanding of their anatomy before sculpting them. One of his more notable creations is the symbolic dove of peace.

3.     Cem Özkan

Little is known about this Turkish prodigy; however, his portfolio really does speak for itself. Cem Özkan is a young artist who creates absolutely stunning sculptures out of scrap metal. He studied at Anadolu University in Turkey and mainly gravitates towards science fiction sculptures – forming original creations.

4.     Scrap Metal Art Thailand

This Thai-based studio specialises in creating custom scrap metal sculptures with a particular affinity towards pop-culture figures such as Transformers and those from the Predator and Alien franchises. Some of their Transformers are three times as tall as an average human. They’re weatherproof, very sturdy and ship to over 40 countries around the globe.

5.     Tom Hardwidge

Tom Hardwidge is the creator of athrobots – steampunk insect sculptures which he builds in Shropshire, England. Each of these extraordinary sculptures begins as a series of sketches before being crafted using components such as watch movements and other scrap metal pieces. The inspiration behind these creatures comes from a fusion of both nature and unusually formed metal and beaded objects that “fit together in an interesting way”.

6.     J.K. Brown

John Kennedy Brown (known by many as J.K. Brown), aged 36, from West Wales, creates amazing art sculptures from bits of scrap he finds washed up on beaches. His aim when designing and creating his artworks is to reflect the world around him which is why most of his sculptures are of animals. In fact, his most well-known piece is a blue butterfly which he says represents the state of metamorphism. J.K. Brown learnt to weld when he studied sculpting at West Wales School of the Arts. His work has been recognised nationally many times and has featured in exhibitions of international contemporary artists and exhibited in Windsor Great Park, London.

Fun Metal Fact

Metals will react with most other elements, but especially nonmetals, such as oxygen and nitrogen.

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