6 DIY Recycled Crafts For Halloween

By AWD Digital

Halloween is the season of lollies and outstanding works of DIY brilliance. If Halloween has snuck up on you and you’re in a rush to put together decorations, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we are sharing some easy and fantastic DIY recycled crafts that will make your home the spookiest on the block.


The classics


Before we go into some of the more time-consuming crafts let’s go back to basics. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference and things don’t have to be complicated to look amazing. Some of the classic DIY Halloween crafts are:


  • Bats made from tying a small piece of black ribbon around a twig and putting googly eyes on it
  • Ghosts made from small pieces of white material. Attach a string in the middle, so the material droops when you hand it and draw a ghost face on it. You can but a pompom or a small polystyrene small under to give it more volume
  • Spider webs made from tangled white string or white wool. Spread it over your wall or the top of your door
  • Pumpkins don’t have to be craved! Just having one brings in enough atmosphere, or you can just draw on it with a marker


Glass lantern


Don’t throw out that jar just yet! Your jar will make a perfect lantern and can even provide some colourful lighting. With a light coat of paint on the outside and a candle on the inside, you have yourself an affordable and easy to make mood lighting. Image your porch or room splashed red with flickering tea lights. Mix it up with a bit of blue, red or orange. Then, if you want to go the extra mile you paint little witches or ghouls on it.


Light bulb spiders


If you are wondering what to do with your old light bulbs then we have the best DIY craft for you. In order to transform your light bulb into a creepy crawly you’ll need pliers, wire, spray paint and a light bulb. Cut four long pieces of wire and wrap them around the base of the light bulb to create legs. Then, you spray paint it all with the colour of your choice. All that’s left to do is to decorate! Considering the delicate nature of the light bulb, you’re better off using them as table décor.




While this is more of a costume idea it can still be used as decorations. You know those old chopsticks you get with the occasional takeaway? Well, they make the perfect base for a Harry Potter-like wand. One way is to would the handle, texture and grooves with a handy glue gun. Once the glue is on the stick you can roll it on something bumpy to create texture. Then you paint it and add details. Abracadabra! You’ve got yourself a nifty wand. This is great for kids parties if you create a few you can hold a wizard duel competition!


Halloween Garland


If you’re looking for a classy look this Halloween, you can never go wrong with a garland. First, create a nice, sturdy wireframe for you to work from. Take a look around your home for bits and pieces like fabric scraps, flowers, straws, pipe cleaners and other craft items. You can also cut shapes out of paper, paint or colour them in, and stick it on your garland. If you wanted you could have a garland of twigs and stick ghosts, witches or pumpkins on it. There is so much you can do. The only limit is your imagination.


Can lantern


Not keen on getting your hands dirty carving a pumpkin? You can make a lantern that’s just as creepy using old cans. Just peel off the label of that empty baked beans can and punch some holes in it. You can also do this with old soda cans and even cut out some spooky shapes. With enough cans you’ll create the right atmosphere for your home, you may even scare away a few trick or treaters!


DIY recycled craft is great fun, but sometimes the build up on materials can feel overwhelming.The right kind of scrap metal can be traded in for money, so don’t miss out on earning some extra cash for recycling. Metal Man Recycling buys scrap metal and can even pick it for you to save you the hassle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 03 5941 6677 today.

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