5 Zero Waste Blogs Worth Following

By AWD Digital

Here’s a depressing fact: the average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year. But perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that a great deal of the waste is avoidable (for example edible food waste) or recyclable (plastic packaging and compostable food scraps). The shocking amount of waste people in developed countries produce has inspired many people to become creative about waste elimination and recycling, known as the zero-waste movement. This week, we run through five of our favourite zero waste bloggers to draw inspiration from.

Trash is for Tossers

One of the most established zero-waste bloggers is New York based Lauren Singer. She’s made a career from her ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube and her range of all natural laundry detergent, but her well curated website is full of very practical advice about minimising waste in everyday life, with posts on things like zero waste wrapping  and zero waste alternatives to ordinary household items.

Paris to Go

Parisian based blogger Ariana Schwarz takes a philosophical (and very chic) approach to the zero-waste movement, asking big picture questions like ‘Is Zero Waste Ableist?’ whilst offering practical advice extrapolated from her own zero waste journey.

Zero Waste Chef

Written by passionate San Francisco based cook Anna Marie, this blog is all about tackling the edible food waste problem. This is a practical guide for people who rely on the supermarket supply chain system looking to cut down on processed foods, improve their meal planning, experiment with fermentation and of course, minimise food waste.

The Rogue Ginger

Erin Rhoads is perhaps the most well-known zero waste blogger in Australia. Her blog is all about her personal journey to find plastic free living alternatives and minimise the amount waste she produces in her day to day life. This blog is ideal if you want to see how the zero-waste philosophy plays out in an Australian lifestyle.


A newcomer to the zero-waste scene, Jessica Renz’s New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to use a KeepCup for the rest of the year but this ambition quickly expanded into an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic she consumed in her everyday life. This blog is a great introduction into the zero-waste lifestyle, as Jessica herself is new to the movement, so her posts are about the small steps she is taking towards minimising her waste production.

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