5 Ways (Besides eBay) to Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

By AWD Digital

Moving to a new house? Spring cleaning? Decided to give your living room a makeover? Whilst all of these activities might seem like an opportunity for a fresh start, they also require you to dispose of things that no longer suit your lifestyle. Getting rid of stuff in the consumer age is harder than you might think. Although there are plenty of selling platforms online like eBay and gumtree, they are overcrowded with unwanted items that consumers either aren’t interested in or don’t want to bother with the delivery process and costs. Disposal can be equally difficult as charity organisations are now having to turn away many donations due to oversupply and most councils only allow residents to book one hard rubbish collection (usually limited to just a few square meters) per year.

With seemingly limited options, many people are tempted to dump their unwanted goods which is not only illegal but also damaging to the environment. Happily, there are plenty of other ways to get rid of your old stuff, you just need to know where to go. In this article, we’ve gathered together five alternative ways to get rid of your unwanted goods.

old furniture and appliances

Trade in programs

Good for: Functional and non-functional electronics and appliances

Can I make a profit? You’ll usually be given a discount on a new item

Electronics are full of rare and reusable parts which are in high demand so it’s no surprise that big brands like Apple have a trade in program for their products in exchange for a voucher. Many other companies like HP offer trade in discounts for any brand of computer or printer. Many second-hand appliance dealers in Melbourne also buy up old and even non-functional appliances like air conditioners and washing machines for refurbishing purposes and often offer free pickup.

Social media

Good for: Furniture, homewares, knick knacks, plants, dry goods

Can I make a profit? Depends on the quality of your item- this platform is more useful for trading or simply giving away old items quickly

Whilst Facebook might not seem like the best place to get rid of your old furniture or homewares, recent updates have helped the site evolve from a social engagement platform to a hybridised ecommerce platform. Facebook marketplace is a good place to start if you have something small that you’d like to get a decent price for. If you have something large like furniture or appliances and you are just trying to get rid of them, your suburb’s community page (just search your suburb name in ‘groups’ to see if you have one) or one of Melbourne’s many buy/swap/sell groups have an extremely quick turnaround times and you can sometimes get rid of an item within a few hours.


Good for: precious metals and gemstones

Can I make a profit? Yes!

If you have a large amount of a precious metal that you want to get rid of, a refiner should be your first port of call as they will offer the highest price per weight for your gold or precious stones. Many refiners only buy in bulk but it is worth calling around to refiners in your area to see how they define a ‘bulk’ amount. You may find that your handful of unwanted gold jewellery is enough. Refiners also often accept precious stones like diamonds and will offer a high price per weight.


Good for: Valuables of any sort

Can I make a profit? Yes!

Although they won’t pay quite as high a price for your precious metals, pawnbrokers and jewellers will accept any quantity of jewellery and pay a reasonable rate. Once again, it’s worth calling around to different brokers or jewellers in your area to find out what price they offer for gold and silver, to make sure you get a good rate. Whilst it might be tempting for convenience sake, mail in gold buyers (where you post your unwanted jewellery to them and they transfer the funds electronically) tend to only pay between 10-30% of what the precious metal is worth.

Scrap metal buyers

Good for: Scrap metal of any sort, old cars, caravans, machinery, car batteries, compressors

Can I make a profit? Yes!

Metal Men Recycling are scrap metal buyers in Melbourne who offer free pickup and bin delivery services throughout the city. We accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal in any condition and promise a fair price for whatever you bring us. In addition to metal scrap, we are happy to pick up and pay you for cars, caravans and old machinery as well as car batteries, compressors, wheels and PVC. To learn more about our services, simply get in touch by calling 03 5941 6677.

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