5 Upcycling Projects to Transform your Home

By AWD Digital

At Metal Men Recycling, we’re all about helping our clients get rid of their unwanted scrap in an environmentally conscious way. Although we specialise in recycling metal, we recognise that there are plenty of other recyclable objects lying around the average Australian household that more often than not, go to waste. In this article, we look at 5 easy ways you can add a little flair to your home through upcycling.

  1. A tyre becomes a dog bed
    If you have a small dog, then this pet bed is a unique way to ensure they stay cosy through the winter months. Make sure you thoroughly clean the tyre out before painting it to remove any chemical residue and ensure the surface is primed for painting.
  1. A washing machine drum becomes a planter
    Washing machine drums are made from stainless steel so they are ideal for repurposing as planters outside. Pre-paint the drum if you wish using weatherproof paint, then set it on a base of bricks before filling it up with soil and compost. Finally, plant in some of your favourite flowers, veggies or herbs.
  1. Corks become miniature succulent magnets
    If you enjoy a glass of wine or two, you’ll doubtlessly have a few corks rolling around in your kitchen. This succulent and cork magnet project is a great way to keep corks out of landfill and add a little bit of green to your kitchen space.
  1. Colanders become light diffusers
    Sure, colanders are handy for draining your pasta and boiled veggies but they can also be upcycled as dramatic light fixtures. The perforated holes in the colander create a stunning speckled lighting effect and the wide lipped bowl shape will make a bold sculptural statement in your home.
  1. A pallet becomes a coffee table
    Pallets are probably the most popular object for upcycling at the moment and there are dozens of pallet furniture design patterns to be found online. However for speed and ease, you can’t go past this elegant coffee table design.

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