5 Unique And Sustainable Recycling Inventions

By Adam Ioannidis

We’re all trying to do our part to help recycle and be more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s as simple as using a recyclable bottle whenever you go out or going out of your way to sell scrap metal – there are many ways you can make a difference. In today’s blog, we’re going to have a look at some interesting inventions from people who’ve gone the extra mile to make recycling easier within their household. These unique and sustainable creations are sure to inspire you to pick-up some more recycling habits yourself.

1.    Toothbrushes into bracelets

Items such as toothbrushes can be made into bracelets when it’s run its course. Simply remove the bristles and heat the plastic to the point where it is bendable. Then it’s just a matter of molding it to the right wrist size. This is especially great for kids as their toothbrushes may be designed creatively and colourfully – therefore it translates well into bracelet form. It’s a great way to recycle and certainly cheaper than going out and buying a bracelet with the same theme as the toothbrush.

2.    Glass bottles

There’s a lot you can do with used wine bottles or other glass bottles – especially if they’re clear. One idea is to use a bunch of them to create a fence around flower bed. Without lids, they’ll catch any rainfall and eventually fill up, meaning you can use that collected rainwater to water your garden. So, there’re two ways to recycle already – as well as add style to your garden.

If you’re looking for something a bit more decorative, then try filling glass bottles with small lights and placing them around your house or outside. They’ll look especially fabulous in low-light. Battery powered fairy lights are used best for this idea and won’t set you back financially either. 

Another unique idea is to use glass bottles as hooks for hats or coats in your hallway. By cutting the top third off the bottle you can stick it to your wall – or piece of wood you have to separate your actual wall from the glass – and it’ll act as a hook. Make sure to cut on an angle though so when you stick the piece it can stick upwards – ensuring your hat or jacket doesn’t slip off.

3.    Old pianos

Surprisingly, there are a number of different things you can do with old grand pianos. If you choose not to have it repaired for whatever reason, it can serve a more decorative or practical purpose. You could cut the legs off, take the hood off and mount it on your wall. Then, install shelves in the inside – after clearing the strings out obviously – and you have yourself a very stylish bookshelf.

A more aesthetically-driven idea would be to turn it into an outdoor fountain. By removing the hood, you can plant flowers inside and have them growing out the top – or vines to tangle around the legs if that’s more your aesthetic. Install a fountain system on the inside in the middle of the plants and create a funnel so the only way for the water to escape is through the small gaps in all of the keys. This is a very time-consuming suggestion, but it looks amazing when completed and will get you invested in the project.

4.    Broken pots

If you have a broken pot, then it’s not the end of its life. You can create little fantasy settings such as towers and castles whilst still planting flowers in them. You can add multi-story stairs and surround them with pebble patches. You can even have multiple plants within the same pot to add to the little scene you’ve created. Feel free to add scale figurines for extra detail.

You can also use broken pot pieces as small fences for your flowerbeds – provided you have enough broken pots. Simply bury the pieces in the ground and make sure they’re sticking out enough to actually form a barrier. This will only work of course if your pieces are long enough. 

5.    Transform an old crib

As your child gets older, they won’t need their baby crib anymore. A great idea is to remove one of the side barriers and it can be turned into an arts and craft station. Place hooks up on the other barrier so they can hang their stationery up and install a white or blackboard on one of the sides to give them more options to be creative.

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