5 Unconventional Places to Hunt For Scrap Metal

By AWD Digital

By now you probably know about common places you can look to find scrap metal around your home and business. Appliances, cars, renovation projects and electronics are all great places to find metal but at some point, your personal scrap sources are going to run dry and if you’ve caught the scrapping bug, chances are you don’t want to stop making money off scrap metal. In this article, we take a look at some of the more unorthodox places to find sellable scrap.

  1. Illegal dumping sites
    Urban and rural areas around Melbourne are littered with illegal dumping sites that careless people use to dispose of their refuse. Industrial neighbourhood, empty lots, and urban bushland are all commonly used as dumping sites and picking through these can turn up an abundance of scrap from appliances, car bodies, and general metal refuse.
  2. Shooting ranges
    Melbourne isn’t a place you would ordinarily associate with gun recreation but in fact there are more than ten shooting ranges within an hour of the city. Shooting ranges are a great place to source valuable brass scrap, but it will involve getting in touch with the operator and negotiating a free clean-up service in exchange for the metal refuse.
  3. Tradesmen
    If you’re serious about making cash from scrap metal, then it’s worth developing some business connections with tradesmen in your local area. Plumbers, air conditioning technicians and electricians discard tons of scrap metal in the course of their work, so it’s well worth offering a free clean-up service or getting them to tip you off when they’re working on a project with a lot of scrap.
  4. Construction sites
    Construction sites of all scales are a fantastic source of scrap but it is crucial that you have written permission prior to removing any scrap or refuse from a site as without it you run the risk of being accused of trespassing and theft.
  5. Medical care services
    Hospitals, aged care and assisted living centres, medical clinics and doctor’s offices are all great places to source a wide range of scrap metal in the form of bedframes, wheelchairs, walkers, obsolete machinery, and fixtures. The best way to gain access to a medical care faculty’s scrap is to meet with the administrator and offer to provide free scrap pickup and removal services in exchange for the metal refuse.

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