5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle with Metal Men

By AWD Digital

Now that spring is less than a week away, you’ve probably turned your thoughts to getting your home or business ready for the busy summer months, and that means spring cleaning. Make spring 2016 the year you finally get rid of that bulky junk cluttering up your garage or backyard by getting proactive and investigating how to dispose of them in a responsible, environmentally sustainable manner. To help you on your quest to consciously restore order to your property, we run through 5 non-metal related things you can recycle at our Melbourne location.


Whilst a caravan might have seemed like a good idea 20 years ago when the kids were little and plane flights were expensive it’s now a bulky and deteriorating eyesore in your backyard. Getting rid of a caravan can be difficult, particularly if you have an older model with outdated fittings, but instead of spending money on disposal services or resigning to illegally dumping it, you can give the materials in your old caravan a second life by recycling it with us. We accept both fibreglass and aluminium caravans and offer scrap metal collection all over Melbourne.


Every Melbourne homeowner has some PVC piping, tubing, or guttering offcuts wasting away in their garage, but it doesn’t have to go to landfill. We accept all kinds of PVC products in whatever quantity as you happen to have.


If you happen to have some unused or broken compressors lying around your home or workplace, then you can save them from landfill by recycling them with us. We accept compressors and compressor parts in all states of wear.

Car batteries

The lead acid in car batteries is extremely hazardous and has an enormous environmental impact if it is disposed of in landfill. However, it is possible to recycle many of the components in a car battery and retrieve most of the lead used.


Broken machinery is one of the most common types of flotsam you come across in the humble suburban garage, but it’s easy to give things like these a second life through recycling. Whether you have a busted band saw or a rusted tractor, we accept all types of metal machinery.

To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 03 5941 6677.

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