4 Ways To Encourage Recycling

By Adam Ioannidis

Recycling is something that’s becoming more common every day. More and more people are becoming aware of its benefits and also just how important it is to society. But it’s still not enough. Even with the incentive of getting paid for metal recycling in Melbourne there are still a lot of people that don’t take the extra time to dispose of things in the appropriate manner. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at four different ways that you can encourage recycling in the household as well as in your local community.

Creating awareness in the community

At the end of the day, recycling is something you must learn to do. If you never grew up doing it in your household then the chances are that it’s something you won’t be doing as an adult either. Something as simple as creating posters that you can put up around your community that easily explains some key benefits of recycling – as well as a list of common items that can be recycled – can be a big help. Depending on the size of your community you may also want to consider arranging a seminar on the matter.

Explaining it children

Younger children probably won’t understand why people recycle or how much it helps the planet. But that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the act. They don’t need to necessarily understand why they’re doing something to be able to do it. A rewards system works best for children. Make it feel like less of a chore for them and more of a fun exercise that they’ll get something out of if they keep doing it. 

Something like a special meal they really enjoy for them to have at the end of the month if they continue to recycle appropriately. Set goals for them and you to keep track of and if they reach their goal then they can get the reward. Putting up an illustrated list of recyclable items for them to easily follow will improve their progress as well. Another idea is to upcycle an old box and use that as an indoor recycling bin for the children to use. Feel free to decorate it a little bit as it may attract their attention a bit more that way.


This is a fantastic practise as it can be done to almost anything you might find your house. Upcycling is the art of taking an old item and turning it into something new and exciting without differing from its original form too much. An example of this would be taking an empty wine bottle and putting faery lights into them. This makes for a fantastic decoration that looks rustic but also holds practical attributes as it is now a light. 

Upcycling is a great way to get both kids and the community involved in recycling as well as upcycling is basically just a DIY activity. Workshops can be set up at your town hall where people can bring in recyclable items and use each other’s to upcycle new items for themselves or others. Kids will have a fun time with it too as there can be a lot of painting and decorating involved in certain upcycling projects. 

Form a club

Get together with like-minded individuals weekly or fortnightly and participate in sustainable activities. Whether it be upcycling, volunteering for a clothes drive or even volunteering to go around to schools and give educational talks on recycling and the impact the positive impact it’s having on the environment. This can be in a smaller, individual classroom-sized talk or even a big talk with a larger cohort. 

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