4 Ways to Dispose of Old Appliances

By Irena Kosturska

Here at Metal Men Recycling, we know that you can sell scrap metal to make extra money and dispose of items that you may have lying around the house. As Melbourne metal recycling experts, we’re aware of all the benefits that come from selling scrap metal to be recycled by Metal Men, such as advantages for the environment, and for your hip pocket!

But what do you do when you have old appliances to get rid of?

These days, we can’t live without our fridges, televisions, or our washing machines, but when they wear out or give up altogether, you’re left with bulky items that you somehow have to get rid of. Make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of storing older, worn-out, or completely dead appliances in the garage to deal with “later” – they’ll just collect dust and take up valuable storage space. Instead, keep reading to discover what you can do with old, disused appliances – including the best way to make money from them!

An old stove, fridge and washing machine which can be sold as scrap metal

Sell Appliances for Scrap Metal

Our number one top-tip for disposing of appliances is to sell them for scrap metal. It might surprise you to find out that you can sell scrap metal from within your old appliances, but most appliances do contain a certain amount of metal. This metal can be sold for scrap and is recycled by us here at Metal Men, giving you an easy way to dispose of your old items, and a nice bonus for your wallet.

Selling old appliances for scrap metal has plenty of benefits, including the opportunity to get some extra cash, security that the items have been disposed of safely, as well as the rewarding fact that by selling for recycling you are helping the environment.

Note: Not all appliances are created equal when it comes to metal content, so it’s important to know that the best appliances to sell for scrap metal are often the biggest ones! Think: stoves and ovens, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers.

Consider Company Take-Back Schemes

Another option for old appliances is company take-back schemes. Some companies like JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys do offer appliance take-back programs, through which the company you bought the appliance from will remove said appliance from your home and dispose of it for you.

The catch is that many of the take-back schemes are only available to those purchasing a new appliance from a specific company, or for a fee, dependent on the size and weight of the old product and the distance to your address. These schemes are something that you can consider but remember that you could end up being out of pocket depending on where you bought the appliance originally.

Try Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace

The first question to ask yourself is this: does the appliance still work? If the answer is yes, then you can consider listing it on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. You can list your old, working appliance on buying and selling sites such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, and sell it to someone who is in the market for second-hand goods. Of course, it all depends on how old the appliance is, and its working condition, but you could make a little extra cash from the transaction.

When listing appliances on sites such as these, it is critical that you are upfront and honest when it comes to the age, condition, and function of the appliance. The buyer must know exactly what they are getting with the appliance you sell them – including any scratches or dents, and the year you purchased the item.

Bonus Tip: Looking for an opportunity to do a good deed? If you’re listing your appliance on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, consider listing it for free! By doing this, you could be giving a helping hand to someone who really needs it and disposing of your appliance at the same time!

Council Disposal

Finally, you can also check with your local council to see if they have recycling or disposal programs for old appliances. Many councils run such programs, though it is important to confirm if your local council actually recycles appliances, or if they do send them to landfill. You can check out how your local council can help you to dispose of appliances by searching your locality on the Victorian government sustainability website.

Have Old Appliances? Decided to Sell Scrap Metal?  

Look no further than Metal Men Recycling. Whether you want to sell scrap metal in the form of old appliances, or sell other scrap metal like scrap cans or batteries, we are here for all your metal recycling needs.

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